Movie Star Planet: The online gathering place to program your children!

So I was watching Cartoon Network the other day (a key perpetrator in the realm of symbolism and subliminals), and I saw a commercial for something called “Movie Star Planet”. In watching this commercial, I must have seen at least a dozen different symbolic things, and I was so frustrated and angry that I kept re-watching it, just to see if I could find more. And I did every time. This is an online gathering place, geared specifically toward children. They create a character, choose their outfits, chat with strangers, and play games and such. I decided to create one for myself, to see just how bad it was. And man, lemme tell ya. This shit’s cray.


It seemed everywhere I looked in this game, I was seeing upside-down stars. There were also a lot of references to Christianity, like the blue boy’s cross necklace. Not to mention, this:


But really. It’s not.


Because who doesn’t want to expose children to satanic imagery?

And while we’re on the topic of upside-down stars, here’s more:


Speaking of BETA programming, take a gander at this next photo:


It’s like a game, they try and see how many symbols they can shove into one frame. It’s fun!


I think the use of the word ‘swag’ in this person’s username is explanation enough for what is happening to this generation.


Another thing- this game is most definitely geared towards children, particularly young, pre-pubescent girls. So why do the characters look like well-developed and ready-to-show-it teenage girls? Because sexualisation of children is a thing. ESPECIALLY for girls. They make ‘being a teenager’ look attractive and fun so they mimic it themselves. One thing is for sure, I know for a fact that when I was about 12 years old, I was still into the outdoors, playing with toys, not showing off my tits.


Last and most, here we have the perfect, ideal image we all want our precious little girls to portray.

But seriously, what is this thing. Kill it. Kill it before it breeds.

So yeah. I don’t know what children will be playing in 10 years, but I’m honestly afraid to know. The symbolism constantly bombarding kids every time they watch TV, play video games, or read a magazine is extensive. To the point where it genuinely sickens me. But hey, I’m not one of the elite, so I don’t get a say.

I get to sit by idly and watch the world crumble. Piece by piece.

Stay vigilant.


UPDATE (3/19/17): Another user by the name “Eudae” commented on this very, very old post (my oldest, actually) to show just how much more overt the occult symbolism has grown within the CHILDREN’S “game”- a game I’m actually shocked to even discover is still around. The following are pictures contributed by the user. Disgusting:



9 comments on “Movie Star Planet: The online gathering place to program your children!

  1. olie says:

    this is stupid ur over reacting

  2. uhm so you know the users chose the colour and what they want to where ¬_¬ jeez

  3. ali says:

    I stopped playing this game a long time ago XD. And black and white is a generic color that everyone uses on there, not because they are “satanic”, just because black goes with white or whatever.I stopped playing online games so ig I have nothing to worry about! XD

  4. Lex Ouyux says:

    My faith in the lord is stronger than the ‘messaging’- and I’ve played this game since 2011.

  5. eudae says:

    this is so ridiculous, you picked a bunch of really petty, generic things – there are WAY more overt symbolism in this game. you can literally buy a necklace which is an eye set inside a pyramid. yet here you are taking screenshots of children simply putting random pieces of clothing together in a way they think is pleasing – MSP didn’t make those looks, they just made the individual pieces lol. do your research before you publish something. also the with some of this “symbolism” lol.

    • Thanks for your input. As you can see, this article was written years ago, around when Movie Star Planet first came out. As simple and commonplace as the symbolism is, it doesn’t take away the potential intended meaning for this platform by design. If it’s really gotten as bad as you claim, then I was only correct in my suspicion.

      If what you see here isn’t up to your satisfaction, and this type of symbolism has grown even more rampant within the game than it was, you’re more than welcome to contribute additional content and media to prove your point. Otherwise, you just sound like a self-righteous prick- the kind that’s out to point fingers, and not help solve the issues at-hand. Feel free to do some more of your “research”, and come back with actual evidence to share with others in search of truth.

      Have a nice day.

      • Eudae says:

        I’ll admit I didn’t take into account that this was written in 2013 – so I apologize. Regardless, you’re reaching. Upside down stars and “black and white” symbolism… I obviously don’t expect much from an New World Order conspiracy theorist but… still. I may have been incorrect in assuming some of the more overt items existed back when this was written, but you still didn’t do your research as all of the looks you posted were put together by players, not MSP themselves.

        If you’d like, send me an email and I will get back to you with examples of the REALLY overt symbolism. I actually own most of it on my character, so it wouldn’t be difficult.

  6. Eudae says:

    Not to keep beating this dead horse, but I did gather together some of the more overt stuff and screenshot some of it, if you’re still interested. IDK if anti-spam will eat the link. This is only the stuff that I can pick up on – god knows I’m not familiar with half of what y’all think is illuminati reprogramming MK Ultra new world order mind control. But yeah, link is a collection of screenshots of my avatar in “questionable” pieces of clothing.

    • Holy SHIY, you weren’t wrong. Thank you so much for the link! I hope others take the time to click it. I’ll edit it into my post. Again, thank you. This is ridiculous. Children growing up today will never know what’s wrong with the “big picture” because that’s “how it’s always been”. And that’s been the gameplan for a long time. It’s finally coming to fruition with the current generation. Sickening. Ugh.

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