Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”: So in-your-face, it’s offensive.

So I watched the video for Katy Perry’s single “Dark Horse”, which I eagerly anticipated because I knew before they made it that it was going to be good. Not “good” in a sense of “wow, this song is cool, I totally respect her”, but good in a sense of “I know this is going to be too easy”. When I saw it, I was astounded by the pure blatancy of it. The elite are so in-our-face with it because they know they can be. They’ve got the masses so zombified that they perpetually don’t know, don’t care, and continue to eat up all the bullshit they produce.

Well, I for one don’t like being mindfucked by anybody- especially by the people who govern our nations and repeatedly attempt to seduce us to sleep while they take over everything. So in honour of my stance of trying to shake people like a newborn until they wake up and open their eyes to the monstrosity our planet has become, here is my analytical breakdown for the symbolism and meaning behind the video and lyrics for pop-superstar Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”.

The video basically is a combination of Egyptian mythology and MK Ultra overload.
It begins by setting the time and place, although vaguely, by showing the words “Memphis, Egypt a crazy long time ago”.
Please, be more ambiguous.


The first thing we see is Katy dressed like an Egyptian goddess, being rowed down what I assume is a river in a boat (which is
significant in the story of Horus and Set in Egyptian mythology) with immediate monarch programming triggers. We see a blue man
with a cage around his head symbolising control of the mind, and a de-humanised beta slave with the head of a cat attached by chains.


In the middle is Katy, which we immediately see has the Eye of Horus (which bears the same meaning as the “All-Seeing Eye”, or the
eye of “God”) beneath a triangle literally printed onto her hair.
One of her eyes is also lined exactly like the Eye of Horus, probably coincidentally.
Just kidding, coincidence doesn’t exist in complete fabrications.



Moving on, we see a man approach Katy with a one-eyed patch (again, probably coincidence). He offers her the gift of a stupid-big
diamond, which she eagerly snatches up and examines with a cheesy Eye of Horus prop. Did I mention she also has a snake headdress on that looks oddly like Mickey Mouse ears. Oh yeah, that. And as we should know by now, Mickey Mouse ears are a sign of monarch programming and mind-control. Regardless of its form, this headdress is a snake (evil and temptation), a symbol that shows up a lot in this video- too damn much.




   Oh, and of course she does the whole required “Marilyn Monroe” impersonation. I mean, Marilyn was the first ever diamond-status
presidential-model Beta sex slave, brutally manipulated and later murdered by her handlers. Yes, let’s degrade and disrespect both her image and Katy’s as much as possible. Such a twisted joke.


   Soon after the diamond (God, this video this screams programming) is offered to her, she uses her power of lust and seduction to get her way, and then quickly destroys and consumes her victim’s power once she has what she wants. EXACTLY like Isis, Horus’ mother- the viscious Egyptian goddess of power, magic, and immortality. And in the process of eating the jewels, she makes an insane face usually only found on the mug of Nicki Minaj.





   We see a quick shot of Katy being portrayed as a statue in a modern interpretation of Egyptian carvings. She is surrounded by
golden snakes, wrapping around her hair and her body- reminiscent of the mythological Medusa, which has ties to Isis and Lucifer,
among other Pagan gods. You don’t have to look any further than what’s underground, beneath the Vatican. There are entire rooms built to worship these deities. The chief exorcist of the Vatican has made claims of the devil being present in the Catholic church, and even having to perform an exorcism on another exorcist.


   Anyway, back to the video. Again, somebody brings Katy a gift again- this time, it’s a fat dude with an Eye of Horus stamped on his
belly. He bears all the finest and delicious foods you can imagine- including a pyramid made out of Twinkies, and a giant bowl of
flaming Cheetos. She eats a Cheeto, and it’s too hot, so she gets mad and vaporises the dude. Anger issues? I dunno, I’ll leave that one up to you.

He turns into a goblet of water, which she quickly drinks.


And in between them bringing the treats and her murdering the man, she’s shown yet again hiding one of her eyes, and being
surrounded by programming triggers/symbols like the rabbit- an allusion to Alice in Wonderland programming where the person is
taught to dissociate and “go through the looking glass”. Some of you might say “Hey! The rabbit had a totally different meaning in ancient Egypt! ur so syko lololol” Which is true, but we have to use our brains, and look at these symbols in the context they’re in to analyse them properly. Katy Perry is a monarch slave, and these symbols have a specific meaning to her and her mindstate.



   This theme of seducing men into giving her things with her sex appeal/ power, and her destroying/ altering the bearers occurs THREE more times. Once, a man brings her a pimped-out golden ride with spinners, hydraulics, and a horned animal on it. She turns him into sand like the others, leaving him as a pair of dice for her new ride.

In between this man showing her his ride and her murdering HIM, Juicy J comes out of an Anubis sarcophagus that’s being felt up by the dehumanised cat-slaves. Anubis is highly associated with both Isis and Horus, as Anubis was adopted as Isis’ child, making him a sort of brother figure to Horus. Anubis was the Egyptian god of the Dead, the one who called the shots on who got into the afterlife and who was destroyed. The inside of the sarcophagus is covered with snakes as well.



   J has glasses on with heiroglyphs, but I can’t read them so I’m not going to try. If any of you have a clue, you can feel free to comment and I’ll edit with your translation.


   The other man comes as himself with a chained veil over his face (bringing himself, as in a sex slave possibly?), but once he reveals his face, she sees that he is not a man- but a crocodile. So she destroys him and he turns into a golden croc-skin clutch with, yet again, an Eye of Horus on it (and the crocman’s silver tooth on a chain).
Oh yeah, and she dances on a stripper pole as well. Beta much? Plus there’s another Eye of Horus on the floor. I’m getting tired of
typing those words, that’s how much this symbol shows up in this video. It’s also on the boat she’s on in the beginning. I probably should have said that… but like I said, if I stated every time it showed up, it would take up half the internet.




   So in the end, there’s a final man (wearing a pendant with the Eye of Horus inside a triangle, accentuating the link between the
sybmbolism of the Eye of Horus and the “All-Seeing Eye”) who shows her a giant golden pyramid with an illuminated top. It doesn’t get
more blatant than this, guys.


   She takes her place at the top of the pyramid, showing her limitless power. She spreads her wings and manipulates the skies, looking like a total psycho in the process. This is surefire proof she’s representing the goddess Isis. The powers, not the psycho bit. I dunno, I never met Isis. She could have been a total psycho.



   Aaand, that’s the end of that. Katy is truly fucked-up and there’s no help in the world that could save her at this point because she’s so far gone. This video is the complete opposite of her portrayal in the song “Unconditionally”, marking a distinction between separate personalities. If you think she’s acting, I’d have to disagree. She doesn’t have that much talent. If she did, she’d be on Broadway, not taking orders from record company execs like the puppet she is.

   Even those of you who don’t believe in any of this can plainly see the meaning behind this video.
Bitch be evil.


29 comments on “Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”: So in-your-face, it’s offensive.

  1. […] they are in at any one time doesn’t even notice. Have a read about Katy Perry and her new video Dark Horse (please be aware there may be some explicit language on that site) and her video Wide […]

  2. diviner21 says:

    Katy been set up for this role since she was about 10. Woman’s got parents who sold her down the Nile as a sacrifice to act out their own END TIME prophecies. Look how the Hudsons are now getting “rewarded” with face lifts, new follower and extended travels to preach their bullshit in Kona and Swiss resorts. She’s their Whore first and foremost. Split programmed multiple really just black white . Hot /colsNow what happens to the WOB in Revelations? OK. She’s the Pandora’s Box of pop. Hell. Fine Fresh Fierce. 6ajoh66. Something in the Water hey Kali.. Fukishima . These r chjajnts y’ all. Some kids r square dancing for 8th grade graduation to DH . I told one of the moms a lil of what that means.

  3. Hahaha I’m sorry but I can read ancient Kemetic (egyptian) writing (Metu Neter) and honestly, all the “words” in the video are not words from the Kemetic language, let alone english. The “word” on his glasses is “nknaktun” which closely resembles the name “Anhkunaten (nkanatun)”. He was the Suten that introduced absolute monism, worshiping Ra only, and his views were rejected after his death because it distracts from the philosophy that the Neteru were merely aspects or manifestations of Ra.

    • Thank you so much for commenting. I honestly didn’t expect to be able to find any answers for that bit. Ancient languages aren’t exactly something everyone’s familiar with. You don’t happen to be able to read cuneiform, do you? Hahaha

    • Aris says:

      Actually, no. Akhenaten did NOT believe in monotheism, nor did he invent it. He worshipped the Aten, which was the Light, or inner Enlightenment. –Which is far different than the Sun God Ra, which was worshipped previously to Akhenaten, and after. The high priests of his time plotted his death because he DID NOT worship the Sun God Ra, and when Akhenaten died accidentally, the priests had taken over rulership of Egypt in secret, disguising themselves as Smenkhare, and raising Akhenaten’s son, Tutankhaten as “Tutankhamun” as a slap in the face to Akhenaten. (Aten to Amun-RA). They also had sought to erase everything that Akhenaten had stood for because they did not want to teach the people to become Enlightened for themselves, –they wanted to keep complete rule over the people. AND to top it off!–They had STOLEN Akhenaten’s teachings from the Ancient Mystery School that he led, only to manipulate the masses with it later on in which is STILL used today, (by, you guessed it, THE ILLUMINATI! –or the ILLUMINATED ONES (Enlightenment, ATEN). Get it? Go ahead and keep reading Ancient Kemetic, –it still hasn’t made you any smarter. You’re just a parrot who learns what he knows from Wikipedia, go back to sleep.

  4. Mark Colbert says:

    What a ridiculous review. It’s a music video, The director of the video simply includes anything that the general public would recognise to be ancient Egyptian to establish the theme of the video. it’s a marketing device to sell records, nothing more, nothing less. While i’m always inclined to listen to conspiracy theories, no matter how “out there” they are, on this occassion I get the impression the writer of this article simply has too much time on their hands. There’s a lot worse out there than Katy Perry, trust me

    • Oh, there’s much, much worse- I agree. But just because I’ve written about Katy Perry doesn’t mean I think she’s important. It means that the industry uses people like her to push their agendas because, unfortunately, she’s a superstar and therefore has a great amount of influence. The entertainment industry has a massive impact on society’s ideals, making it one of the best targets.
      Problem is, people who’re as so enlightened as you must already be thoroughly versed on international relations and global economics. The people who wind up on my site do so because they’re looking for answers. If you didn’t find the information you were looking for, the next step would be to find a different blog.
      Would you kindly direct me to yours, so I can better-spend my time?

    • carolina says:

      you are such an idiot, you are so mind controlled by the television and internet that you don’t realize what the hell is happening in the world, you should stop spending six hours in a row watching tv and in internet and you could have a better awareness. you are one of those that also believe that everything is marketing and the movies and music is only that without anything evil behind, loser!

  5. Aris says:

    Okay, about the hieroglyphs… (I am wrong, please correct me) but from what I found, is this:

    The Rabbit: “To be; To exist”

    The Ripple of Water: “To (someone)” or “for (someone)” or “in (sun, dew, time)” or “because” or “belongs to” or “of, belonging to” or “we/us/our

    The Cup/Basket: “You/Your” or “basket” or “you said to the man”

    The Arm (with possible pot?): “Arm”- “To make an offering”

    Half Circle Mark: “You/Your” or “bread” or abbreviation for “father

    What I have pieced together from these as one, is: –In order to exist, you have given your arm to make an offering by what you said to the man, your Father.

    Or basically, You are what you are because you had made an oath to the man because you swore by your word and your arm, and he is now your authority.

    But like I said, please correct me if I am wrong, –Im not Egyptian Scholar, but I know what I found for each one individually is correct. But to use it as one phrase, I may be off.

    • How about “We exist because you made an offering/sacrifice to the Father”? “We” would then be the Lost Tribe of Enki, now revealed as being an Irish (Hibiru) tribe responsible for much of the Egyptian stuff. Their mother is the sacred Doe, Danu (who has the power to transform from human to fairy) – she seems to have agreed to give him material children in order to eventually overcome the imbalance brought on by wars, through guarding the original knowledge of Paradise (“with their life”, as it were). The Rabbit is the Moon Goddess and the Sun-Dew-Time is the Water of Life (Sun Water – making for the “shiny kids”). “Bread” reminds of the Lord’s Prayer which is older, from Dacian (Danaan) culture, when it was said as “I await the revelation of thy gift within me” (meaning “I’m ready to find out what identity I have”). In New Zealand the Irish god ancestor climbed into Heaven and brought down 3 baskets of knowledge (which remains until today the Irish teaching of the Trinity/Triad).

  6. Alexis Lei says:

    Dude you’re simply bored.
    If you were a busy person you wouldn’t bother doing this stuff.

    • The things that I consider boring aren’t necessarily the exact same things you would consider boring, dear. Studying something that I find interesting in my spare time is something I do because I enjoy it. Nobody held a gun to your head, and made you read this post.

      Granted, it likely took me less time to write and publish this than it did for you to read it.
      I’m not sure what your point is.

  7. Courtney says:

    Are these people really evil, satanic, fame hungry individuals or are they victims?? Serious question. I really have a hard time putting my finger on it.

    • I think they’re currently monarch victims, who at one point were fame-hungry teens and children that the industry preyed on.

      It can be difficult, I have a hard time determining where my heart lies in all this sometimes.

      • Aris says:

        Yeah, I agree with you on this. I’m not sure where I stand fully either, but I do feel really bad when I listen to most of their lyrics. Everything has a double meaning most of the time. But I find it fascinating to research into as well.

      • Much of it has a double meaning, so that their messages saturate our subconscious minds (as they speak in symbols). It’s very effective as a mass programming tool.

        I don’t claim to know everything, but I know what I know, and I also know for a fact that what I DO know is barely the tip of the iceberg. Which doesn’t frighten me, it only makes me feel ill.

        I pray for these people every day, and that justice will eventually be brought down upon the monsters of this planet. I know that all will be right in the end, but for the time being, all I can do is help spread the word.

      • Courtney says:

        Yeah, same here. So do you think they know what they are doing, as far as all the symbolism in their photos and videos, or just simply doing what they are told?

      • Well to be honest, I originally thought that they willingly agreed with what they were doing, or they simply didn’t care.

        Once looking further into MK Ultra techniques, I believe some people to be so programmed to the point of complete hypnotic submission. Many are so fractured that their will has been reduced to rubble, and walled-off deep within their minds.

      • Courtney says:

        That is so sad and crazy. I’m going to start praying for them.

      • Courtney says:

        Can you do a post on the kardashians? I think that whole family are Mk ultra victims. Ive been noticing a lot of sinister things with them, especially the youngest one, Kylie.

      • I will most certainly do some digging and see what I can find! You’re not wrong, they have a very dark nature about them. It’s pretty obnoxious, the fact that they’re famous for being famous- and also a pretty big hint that they’re of some level of importance in the monarch industry.

        Thank you for commenting! I’ll probably put up an article on them sometime in the near future. (:

      • Courtney says:

        Awesome, thank you! 🙂

      • Honestly I hate the video, so cheesy and over-elaborate but serving no artistic purpose. Way too much symbolism.
        On the other hand, what I hate more is seeing how this imagery works to convince people like you to write *against* the true knowledge of the past, which is our human legacy, and has nothing to do with psychos. “Eye of Horus” – that symbolizes protection of your soul, prevention of it wandering off/being split into pieces! Not at all something evil…

        Just because Katy Perry believes Isis is like this, or like that, it doesn’t mean that Isis really *was* like that. It is manipulation carefully introduced to divert us away from researching those things (it creates aversion to come into contact with supposedly negative entities, “false idols” and deranged individuals, and also promotes the fear to discover a wholly different view about them. But I am onto this stuff now).

        Also, “Medusa” stands for suppressed knowledge. Virtually anything that appears “monstrous” in mythology, is really the other way around. (The Watchers, for example, aka “Grigori” – they encoded their knowledge into the Gothic churches for the benefit of Mankind, only to become slandered and repressed, told to “go be nameless”, while the powerful boasted their triumph over them).

        As for the Catholics and the Vatican – I am not into them at all, but again I find it problematic when people “dig in” to their establishment only to conclude that the Mother/Goddess/Geea/Lucifer is evil. She’s certainly NOT worshipped in the Vatican; she’s mocked and repressed – hence becoming “a perverse thought”. I mean what is more suggestive than keeping the statues underground? (If it turns out they are worried precisely about what people like you and me might think if we knew, then we all need to be a little more communicative – the Catholics certainly oppress themselves but blame others for persecuting them, not realizing it’s something in their own bodies and brains which does the persecution).

        So now what you need to do is research what the pyramid top and the Eye really stand for, get these negative suggestions out of your mind first, and remember to disable any and all Racist programming as well. The gods were not split into races. This is about “RAZ” instead: the Secret of God, the only method through which we can be “outside of ourselves” without being merely insane.

      • Also as a PS to my first comment, when conspiracy theorists write that “God” isn’t really God, but the Devil or something – this is likewise a misunderstanding. The only true God there ever was, WAS the Devil (called such, in order to create aversion about us meeting him for real, or understanding the knowledge that he taught). The other God is a mere pseudo-God, a fictional character with no substance, and often imagined even by believers as being a mere “idea”!
        The 666 is holy: it stands for Merkaba, the body of the God, which “translates” or “toggles” between the worlds. Hence God either is human (“the devil” = “sex was involved”), or non-existent. That is why False Religions are those who claim sexuality is evil (not the other way around). Because such a belief leaves the fragmented mind free to wander off from the bodily temple of the One.
        The problem with God and the Devil’s sexuality was that it was “an evil deed” (though one that was meant to get humans back into the Garden) because this man in particular was not meant to “eat from the tree” (have sex with a woman), due to being Gay. This is what is called Deception in the holy books: hiding the nature of your sexuality in order to obtain benefits from the law. For example, straight men pretending to be “eunuchs” in order to be allowed in women’s chambers without suspicion. Or, gay men playing straight in order to inherit land possessions via marriage. Which is when God said, “The land that belongs to you, is promised to you, and it’s entirely black” (Geea).

    • First you need to define what evil is, because the cycle of abuse is perpetuated through victim, onto another victim, and so on. But please do not call it “satanic”. This is a misunderstanding, and probably a programmed one. Satan represents The Truth (hence being the Accuser – of the Abuse!), cognate with “Satya”. Therefore Satan represents rising up against the abuse, resisting it, remaining true to your identity (so-called “rebellion” is not bad, except for the abusers themselves!). The so-called “satanic groups” that make the news are merely programmed by the “other side”, by the abusers, to establish in the minds of the population just how “bad” Satan is, as said. Because Truth is uncomfortable.

      Likewise, Satan is the very opposite of “famous people”, at least of the kind we’ve had until now, who squander their mental faculties. Satan is the opposite of the Light-infused, so he was never the same person as Lucifer. They are opposites, and they both have their own shadow. Satan was a mere pawn to “higher beings” until he resisted the abuse happening to him. Lucifer on the other hand came to know Satan and agree with him on this important matter, after being “on high” for a time (in a fake heaven). Their “fall” is not what it seems, it is a Code word with an explanation invented afterwards to keep Mankind at dim lightbulb stage (keep us away from what they learned and know). Satan is rumoured to be the real father of the Tribe of Danu, the people who seem to be “on both sides”, and who pacify everyone on Earth through Knowledge (their Knowledge comes from the Heavens and solves every problem in the world).

      So when you say “really evil and satanic”, you are unknowingly perpetuating an imbalanced mind that remains blind to real facts, by taking programmed slander to be the truth. I don’t know about Katy Perry – I don’t like this video, but she seems to be part of a group of celebrities who are quite different from the past, in a positive way. (Keep in mind that “accepting Satan” thus has a very different meaning, it is the Luciferian fake heaven waking up to their inner Truth… i.e. *being human*). I don’t like her style but at the same time, I am reminded through her that I am totally allowed to NOT buy her records if I don’t choose to or if I feel negative listening to them.

  8. This is interesting Re Akhenaten. Obama I have read in some places is actually cloned from his DNA. http://illuminatiwatcher.com/presidnet-barack-obama-is-the-clone-of-akhenaten-conspiracy-theory/

  9. EricLars11@hotmail.com says:

    I’m a Christian and a Mason and I find this ridiculous. If you knew anything about either of these groups (as the Masons are supposedly connected to the illuminati), you’d know that this is clearly, and yes, heavily, influenced by Ancient Egyptian culture. I’ve heard Katy say that she prays often, and mostly with gratitude, saying that it’s far better to pray to God to say ‘Thank You’ than it is to ask for something. This video is heavily saturated in Egyptian mythology and religion, which is precisely what it was to them: a religion. It is not meant to deter from any current religions; just to create a fantasy world for the video (as evidenced by the use of both accurately historical and modern items), which has obviously been researched extensively. Even the lyric about Aphrodite is an allusion to Cleopatra being Greek. Cleopatra, whom Katy is obviously emulating here, often fashioned herself after Isis, which is also quite obvious in this video. If you ask me, and I realize you probably don’t care what I think, you are reading way too much into this and clearly worry too much. Masons also use the eye in a triangle, or pyramid, and I can tell you from experience that we are NOT satanic in any shape or form. Just enjoy the videos and if you don’t enjoy them, why watch them?

  10. Honestly, could you be more stupid. I don’t think that is possible. If you knew anything about Katy, you probably wouldn’t be putting this on here. The whole thing is a stupid lie that you freaking made up because of your selfishness. Us humans these days tend to point out the flaws of others while ignoring their own. That is exactly what you are doing now. So why don’t you just get your facts straight for a change.

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