Beta Sex Kittens: Marilyn Monroe Overload

So you may or may not have noticed… Marilyn Monroe is kind of a big deal. And she’s gained in popularity significantly over time. The reason she’s so significant to Monarch programming- and its victims- is because she was the very first programmed Beta Sex Kitten- a successful prototype. She reached diamond presidential status, and was the first major celebrity embodiment of sex appeal. 

Due to her success as a sex kitten and Hollywood icon, most modern-day Betas are programmed to both follow her ways and idolise her. At some point or another, many if not most of them are lead to portray her image and pay a sort of homage to her. So I’ve collected a small sample of female “sex symbol” celebrities who have embodied her spirit and image in photos and videos.

Up first, we have Miley Cyrus. Huge pop culture icon and influence in today’s world. Annoying or not, she’s here to stay. Here is her posing as Marilyn for a recent photoshoot.



Another well-known celeb and sex symbol would be Beyonce. Women of all colours and bloodlines portray her, including black women. Beyonce, or probably her alter Sasha Fierce rather, seems to be in a permanent “sex kitten” mode recently. Almost every song on her self-titled album is graphic and sexual in nature. Here’s her taking on the Marilyn look. Notice the one-eyed symbol and black & white contrast (duality).



Another celebrity woman of colour is Nicki Minaj, who is also a sex kitten icon. She’s known for her love of animal prints and explicit lyrics, even calling herself “Nicki Lewinsky” at times. She also seems to frequently be in a beta state a good portion of the time. Here’s her as Marilyn as well. Notice the diamond “collar” in the second photo.



Even women like Penelope Cruz and Rihanna have posed as her. Notice again, the one-eye and black/white contrast.




Here’s another handful of Beta sex kitten celebs who’ve been in Marilyn moods:


  • Scarlet Johansson- notice the cat print






  • Angelina Jolie




  • Katy Perry- notice the dualistic checkerboard pattern




  • Lady Gaga




  • The late Anna Nicole Smith, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, the list goes on. And on…






There are dozens, probably hundreds of major sex kitten celebs who have portrayed her, and I’m not going to find every one of them. I’ve made the point I was striving to make, and that is to draw a parallel distinction between monarch programming and the likeness of Marilyn Monroe.

God rest her soul. I’m tired of seeing people idolise her. She lived in fear, control, and abuse her whole life, and was murdered shamelessly and disposed of like the trash her handlers treated her as. 

She was the beginning- the beginning of a monarch empire built solely for selling sex and its image. An empire that is meeting its peak.


8 comments on “Beta Sex Kittens: Marilyn Monroe Overload

  1. hdgj says:

    Madonna more

  2. talktoj8 says:

    Hi. I’m a new follower. This is not asked out of a stance of denial because I know – beyond doubt – that all of this is very real. But I’m wondering if there’s any chance that any elements of these images are purely coincidental. OR…not sure how to say what I’m trying to say… is there any possible way that not every celebrity out there who likes or imitates Marilyn necessarily knows she was a programmed Beta sex kitten? What if they emulate her because her fame has made her desirable in their eyes? I’m not trying to be argumentative. I’m just thinking in my head about how things get perpetuated sometimes without everyone involved knowing the truth of the source. Especially in mass media where things are produced and marketed to millions, with the majority of them never knowing the reality behind what they’re seeing. I’ve been pondering how much is coincidental and how much is quite intentional, and for whom. Maybe Miley’s producers know the history of Marilyn but she doesn’t, but she goes along with them. Anyway…just trying to bring up a discussion.

    • Of course it’s possible, anything is possible. Coincidence is something that I don’t always necessarily believe in, but in the context of my writing, due to the topic, there may or may not very well be coincidence from time to time because there’s so much that we don’t know.

      Every beta sex kitten (or monarch victim in general) doesn’t even know they’re programmed. That’s what makes it so scary. It’s nearly undetectable. None of the monarch slaves realise they’re programmed until they begin to age. That’s when the boundaries of their mind usually start cracking and their System comes crumbling down.

      But you are spot-on. From the perspective of these superstars, they’re just doing what they’re told because it’s their work. It’s their job to do the bidding of their higher-ups because that’s what most of them signed up for. Some- like Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, or Miley Cyrus- have been sold into the industry at a young age and were never really given a chance. A lot of which have been programmed since birth (yes, it’s possible- sometimes even while still in the womb via trauma to the mother).

      Believe it or not, celebrities might seem like they have a lot of power, but their only real power is their influence- and even then, that’s utilised by the elite to push their agendas. People like you and I have much more power over dictating our own lives than 99% of these slaves will ever have again.

      So to answer your question, yes. It’s entirely possible that any one of these images could be coincidence. But because I’m logical and have the ability to connect the dots, that is not my PERSONAL belief. A lot of male stars, like Russel Crowe or Justin Timberlake, are actually Handlers themselves rather than slaves. But even handlers have handlers, and any of these front alters (the personalities that hold the body most of the time) aren’t even aware of the extent they, themselves have been manipulated. It’s a very confusing and intricate topic, but it’s important to me to know because I enjoy knowing the truth.

      Thanks for reading. (:

  3. […] zo – en zit de cineast ergens met Elvis een sigaretje te roken, of bedrijft hij dierlijke sex met Marilyn Monroe. OID, wink wink. Stompzinnig gereutel van een mislukt blogproject dat hopelijk snel geeuthaniseerd […]

  4. Ann says:

    Marilyn Monroe was the first celebrities subjected to MK Ultra.

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