Lindsey Stirling’s album “Shatter Me” has monarch programming imagery.

The concept of being portrayed as a lifeless, mechanical figure inside of a glass dome with cracks isn’t flattering. And Lindsey has was too much talent for this bullshit.
Cracks, especially in glass and mirrors, symbolically represent a fracture of the subject’s psyche- meaning a split of personalities from the original core ego.
Being portrayed as a doll, mannequin, or any human-esque thing that isn’t really human is symbolic of being powerless, easily manipulated. A product. Pawn. Replaceable. It may seem like a “cool” concept to some, but it’s really nothing more than a sad regurgitation of the same imagery most of us see on a regular basis.

I do hope this is mere coincidence.
And if not, I pray she finds her senses.


5 comments on “Lindsey Stirling’s album “Shatter Me” has monarch programming imagery.

  1. Ellie Light says:

    This is absolutely hilarious. Let’s take the music industries most Christian and virtuous artist and weave a web of distortion around one of her songs. Beautifully done. And people not only believe it, they propagate it. Satan is so very pleased right now.

    • Y’know, you’re sexy when you’re angry.

    • I’m afraid it’s not just one of her songs, dear.
      Many artists in the industry have boldly Christian front alters. They’re programmed to meet the needs of the agenda and imagery they’ve agreed to promote.
      But thank you, I do try.
      You can go back to living under your comfy little rock if you like now.

  2. violetblack says:

    I’m still hoping she didn’t have much to do with the song’s visual portrayal. I don’t want to think about poor Lindsey being tortured into conforming to that stuff…

  3. ThatViolaGirl says:

    Look, bottom line is this album “Shatter Me” is a song about breaking free from the troubles of trying to be everyone’s expectation. So stop saying everything is “Illuminati” ok? It’s a lie to keep the music world exciting. So please just stop all the stupidity! Lindsey Stirling is great artist that shouldn’t be labeled this way ok? Just stop…jeez society is clearly tumbling down a dark dwindling path.

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