Nicki Minaj’s new single “Pills N Potions” has a questionable cover.


In this album art, she’s posed as a white rabbit- a common theme in Alice in Wonderland Programming. In this, subjects are tranced and taught to go “through the looking glass” into another part of their individualised internal world. Other commons AIW triggers include white/red roses, gems, size distortion, more mirrors, etc.

She’s also hyper-sexualised with the connotation of “bunnies”, plus no bra. But a slave dressed as an animal, whether it be a cat or rabbit or Ke$ha, is dehumanising. Dehumanisation is one of the central themes to monarch mind control, and is achieved in multiple ways- from depriving one of their senses by locking them in a dark room for 2 days, or leaving a child in a 2-foot long cage with barely enough room to blink.

The lyrics to this song are also a bit “questionable”. The chorus goes:

“Pills and potions
We’re overdosing
I’m angry but I still love you
Pills and potions
We’re overdosing
Can’t stand it, but I still love you”

This could all too easily be applied to the mindstate of programmed victims, where they develop severe Stockholm Syndrome- usually at a very young age if they were sold out into the industry. They learn that pain is pleasure and pleasure is pain, that love is hate and hate is love, bitter sweet and sweet bitter. They get the alters to believe that the torture and unspeakable horrors being inflicted upon them is merely “training”. It saddens me just typing it.

Good to know we live in times where prostitution is more rampant than ever- just in the form of allowing yourself to be made into a sex object by the monstrous industry. Only to be discarded when you age, and lose the only platform that ever made you successful.
Hi, Miley!


3 comments on “Nicki Minaj’s new single “Pills N Potions” has a questionable cover.

  1. I can’t stand Nicki! She annoys me so

  2. Papi says:

    Notice beyonce had the same bunny ears in pretty hurts video #sketchy

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