Why Don’t Monarch Slaves Remember “Lost Time” or “Blackouts”?

People who actually develop DID/MPD through personal childhood trauma often come to realise they have something wrong with them. They do so because when one develops a strong enough alter, the alter begins to have a “mind of its own”. So after a switch takes place, and the host personality comes back to, they’ll often know that they can’t remember what happened for the past hour, or day, or week. This is their first indication of the illness and can be so startling that they often seek help.

Monarch slaves, however, are much much different. Their DID is created artificially, on a level and to an extent only people in the know can comprehend. Tightly controlled monarch slaves have what is called “backup amnesia” built into their systems. This means that when the front alter switches back to taking the body, it’s not like normal DID where they realise they’ve lost time or can’t remember anything. They can’t remember that they don’t remember. Their memories would be manufactured or stitched together seamlessly, so they can’t even question their own realities.

In case you were wondering…
Because I was. And now we all know.


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