MK Celebrities and Self-Awareness



So it’s time for a certified question-and-answer session. I enjoy hearing your input and thoughts/ideas even more than I enjoy trying to explain what I believe.
From now on, comment on any post in this category with questions YOU have too. If it’s genuine and insightful, I’ll break it down and answer it in this category like the following:

A couple days ago, a commenter with the username “Precious” asked:

Q: “Do you think the celebrities in the video know what the directors and editors of the video are trying to hide in the meaning. Or do you think that the celebrities are just as blind as many who listen in to the music. And why are the directors/editors using symbolism as such and supposed mind control ???”

Screenshot (17)

A: I personally believe that most mind-controlled celebrities (more specifically, their main alter) are aware that they’re probably being taken advantage of to some degree, but I don’t believe that most know they’re being manipulated to anywhere near the degree that they truly are. As far as them understanding the meaning of the symbolism in the various videos/songs/shows/etc that they put out varies.

Seeing as some of these types of media are layered with symbolism- frequently, multiple types- they could very well be aware of or even support SOME of the meanings and ideologies within them. However, I do not believe that monarch celebrities have any external awareness of the MK Ultra-related symbolism and triggers. This is namely because of the fact that if they understood what it meant, it wouldn’t be a trigger, and that knowledge could trigger a collapse of the system’s programming (think Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Mariah Carey, etc.)

When their mind has a hunch about what they are (and it always does to some extent, because the spirit sees and knows all), and how they became that way, the mind sometimes attempts to wreak havoc on the internal system in an attempt to bring the fragmented pieces of their ego back together. This also tends to happen quite frequently the older the subject gets because cerebral atrophy begins to set in. This is exactly why we see so many mysterious “celebrity deaths” when monarch slaves reach early-middle age- they’re being disposed of. Programming doesn’t tend to stay stable once they reach a certain age, so once they’re no longer useful or bringing in revenue, they’re no longer needed. There’s even something dubbed the “27 Club”, due to the strange number of celebrity deaths at that specific age.

As far as pushing the occult symbolism, a lot of it has to do with how cooperative their front alter(s) is. If they, themselves are programmed to be into into occult/esoteric symbolism or mystic-type religions like Luciferianism, Kabbalah, Scientology, etc, then there’s no reason to try and obscure the meaning of the symbolism or agenda they’re being used to push. In fact, many are more than happy to oblige. Remember, their front alters usually don’t tend to have many questions or desires beyond their bubble they happily live in. Taking orders and making the money they do makes for an easy, comfortable life. That, in turn, makes it easy to just cooperate- regardless of whether or not they agree with or even understand what they’re being used to push.

Also, as far as why they push all these symbols and subliminal meanings in our faces is because it makes for easy mass programming. When everyone is slowly exposed to this repetitive bullshit over generations, they care less and less about important matters and more and more about hashtags and twerking. That makes for an easily controllable and influenceable public, making major political moves possible with little interference or outrage. But keep in mind, the entertainment industry is only one of the tools the dark government utilises to distort our viewpoints. They also use things like false flag terror to get us to give up our privacy and weapons in exchange for what we’re lead to believe is “security and safety”. In order to usher in the police state and fulfill Agenda 21, all of the tools they use are necessary.

Does that help answer your question?


8 comments on “MK Celebrities and Self-Awareness

  1. talktoj8 says:

    So do you think all celebrities such as the ones referenced in this post have give thru actual Monarch-type trauma based mind control programming? Sorry if that is a foregone conclusion. I’m still new to your blog.

    • talktoj8 says:

      **gone thru. Not give. Sorry, I don’t know how to edit the comment.

      • Don’t worry about it, I’m relatively new to my blog too haha. I responded to your question here:

      • talktoj8 says:

        Thanks!! So here’s another question, but feel free to disqualify me if we can only ask one. 😉 We’ve kind of established that the artists in the music industry are screwed. What about movie stars? Can you do any movie analyses when you have time? I’ve read thru a few on other sites but they don’t seem to have as firm a grasp on what they’re saying, so either you’re a better writer or you know more about what to look for. I read one article that said every Disney movie is written with programming in mind. Every? Can you expound? I know movies would take a LOT more time to analyze so I understand if you can’t. But can you throw out some scenes in any modern day movies as examples? Besides the classic & obvious (Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Labyrinth, etc.)

  2. Precious says:

    Yes it helped. Thanks

  3. You’ll never understand how much I enjoy you sharing this with us. Remember to sustain the good work, and let’s understand how we could continue to assist your weblog.

  4. violetblack says:

    That whole paragraph about programming wearing off and the 27 club really caught my attention:

    This year I turned 27, got suicidal over finding out my novels were littered with accidental occult BS at a time when I had nothing else to live for, and discovered my multiplicity.
    Several alters we’ve met are confident that they were created by parents’ lifelong anger management problems, suggesting that the dissociation originated naturally. However, there is something undeniably “off” about the system. The amnesia barrier is in the wrong place, situated between the inside and outside so that communication and mapping are very difficult even when we’re trying to cooperate. Someone or something has demonstrated the ability to split alters who are down, so that we come up piece by piece with no recollection of what went wrong. One alter answers to Alice (or The Black Queen), one tried to name herself Bunny until someone inside told her she was Rose, and a third sees herself as looking like Alice in Wonderland. There are mental images burned into our shared memory track consisting of lush fantasy environments, some of which resemble movies we didn’t see until much later, and others which have not yet been placed in any context. There’s an alter who couldn’t remember having hosted previously, but came up believing she was an old discarded mannequin. Then there’s the alter who’s had to fight a Stepford-like instinct toward men/tomboys and seek a faith healing for unwanted hypersexuality. With just a few of those, it could be comfortably dismissed as brain quirks, but taken altogether, the combination just freaks us the heck out. We trust God to fix us and deliver us from our enemies, but the idea that we could have had human enemies who deliberately hijacked our shattered soul is just about at the limit of my creepiness threshold. Is there any way to force out the truth of my own situation?

    P.S. My dear sister shelved her dream of becoming a Victoria’s Secret model years ago, but still adores leopard prints and Marilyn Monroe. Our house is full of cats in her all-time favorite color combination, black and white. I am soooo unnerved by noticing this just now. Not her too! 😥

    • I’m sorry to hear about what you’re struggling with. It’s not something most people can even remotely relate to, which can tend to make one feel isolated at times. I’m not an expert by any means, but I do hope you continue to receive the help you need. Even if I knew of a way to force out the truth, if the reality is you’ve been programmed, then forcing that out isn’t something you would want to do. It can be extremely dangerous, as there are often delta alters who are triggered to execute the system (suicide) when someone tries to break down the programming. If you can, I would suggest finding someone who specialises in treating victims of SRA and/or monarch-type programming. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but it is possible. I do also know that when one is programmed, there are often alters that are created to program from within to keep the system in check. This is why it’s so difficult to ever return someone who’s undergone these methods to a state of normalcy. Don’t ever get discouraged though. No matter how complexly one is programmed, there is still a layer to our selves that sees and knows all. It doesn’t matter how shattered someone is. There’s always this piece of us that tries to pull the fragments back together. This is something the Nazi scientists had to originally deal with, as young children they first attempted to program would revert back to their original mindstate. This is why they have to build so many different barriers, and hide away the core persona deep within the person’s mind. But please, don’t ever get discouraged. If you ever need anything, just e-mail me at (:

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