I wanted to create this page to do my best with the knowledge I have to bring understanding and resolution to people looking for answers.

I’m not perfect, and I’m certainly not God.
I make typos, my formatting isn’t perfect, and my timing isn’t always ideal.
But in this, I still do the best that I can to break the power of deception our world holds in front of our eyes.
If you agree with anything you see or read, please spread the word and help me to help others. (:

12 comments on “About

  1. Rebecca says:

    Keep up the awesome work! I am a regular follow of FreemanTV, Project Camelot, Mark Dice and Infowars.com… your information is well researched and presented in a really accessible way. I was specifically doing a search about Eminem today (I used to be a die-hard fan, but recently I have started to have major reservations about this ‘new Em’). That is how I came across your blog – thank you again for taking the time to present this work. Just awesome. Take care 🙂

    • Thank you so much. Your words mean a lot. I know what I’ve got isn’t much, but it’s something. It’ll grow, and all I strive to do is get the truth out there. To help people connect the dots in this confusing and esoteric world. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. Take care xx

  2. Pharlap says:

    Are you “Bavarian Legacy” from Tumblr?

    If not, do you know what happened to him?

    • I am not and I do not, unfortunately. However, I had never heard of his account before you mentioned it, and reading through it it sounds like he’s totally on point about most everything I saw.
      A lot of people will drop by, make blogs to push truth, and then leave when they feel they made enough of a difference. OR, they wish to carry it on but simply don’t have the time.

      lol jk he waz merderd bi da aluminatty!!!!!!!!11

      (That’s what a crazy conspiracy theorist is supposed to say, right?)

      • Pharlap says:

        He was indeed very wise and onto something – read his analysis on the “Jessica Simpson’s MTV house had cameras everywhere thread” – names are mentioned. I honestly do think something happened to him.

  3. Pharlap says:

    For some really freaky, in-your-face illuminati symbolism, check out Karmin’s “Pulses” video.

  4. Mike says:

    You have some terrific work on your site! Keep it up!

    Are you familiar with John Todd or the Bayside Revelations?

    John Todd was a witch who converted to Christianity and spilled the beans on the illuminati’s satanic control of the music industry. Real mind-blowing stuff. The Bayside Revelations were appearances by the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken in which Mary said the exact same thing.

  5. talktoj8 says:

    Hey girl, I can’t find a “Contact” button but your blog is/was one of my faves and I’m sad you don’t write anymore. Are you done? I was really really hoping you weren’t. I enjoy your style and your info and always check back to see if you posted anything new in case I missed it somehow. Hope you are well. I saw some idiotic comments on one of your video reviews by haters who have nothing better to do than troll on people’s blogs. They need to f- off. Pleeeeeeeease come back to writing. :))))

    • Hey lovely! Thanks so much for the kind words. Unfortunately, I haven’t been writing on here as much due to being consumed by school and work. However, after nearly forgetting this blog existed, I clicked on a WordPress link the other day and saw that I was still logged in. After seeing how much it’s grown, even after not writing anything for over a year, I’ve been inspired to pick up writing again. Keep an eye out for updates! Much love. ❤ (:

      • talktoj8 says:

        HOORAY! 🙂 Happy dance over here. 🙂 I just think you’re a damn good writer. I would read anything you wrote whether you stick to these topics or not. ❤

  6. Jade Miller says:

    Question. I’ve been watching Taylor Swift for awhile. Trying to figure out if she’s got the TBMC thing going on or not. I’m not super familiar with all of her music, only bought 1989 recently, so I’ve been going off her media presence more than lyrics. I’m new to being able to discern stuff immediately upon sight, so maybe I’m just not as good at spotting things. But with her it doesn’t seem as obvious as with quite a few others. And unlike a lot of others, if you google “Taylor Swift multiple personality/ tbmc/ dissociative identity disorder” or any number of related combinations, the internet (shockingly) doesn’t turn up much of anything. BUT, after watching her “Shake it Off” video I have concluded that she must be. At least to some degree. The animal prints, the cat ballet cover up shirt, the snake around her neck, the animal print jacket, the feathery ballet costume. Not to mention all the different rapid costume changes themselves. And probably other stuff that’s not so obvious that I’ve missed in the several times I’ve watched it. But then there’s the “Blank Space” video too – where she basically seems to be portraying a Black Widow in some sense.

    Do you think this too? Or am I crazy? Or have you thought about it?

    And what bothers me is, WHY…her persona is so so different than most of the other TBMC stars. Her humanitarian side is extensively covered by media, as if they make a point to make us like her by showing how often she gives to charity, donates to cancer patients, portrays a class act across many areas of life. Why would the powers that be set us up to like her so much? What is the motivation behind it? While I wouldn’t necessarily call her a role model in her choice of clothing on every single occasion, there are FAR worse choices. Just curious what your take on her is.

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