Knowing the truth behind certain deaths is important.

Because actress and beta slave Nicole Kidman’s father just died in a tragic fall, so what does that mean?
Perfect trauma grounds for reprogramming.
I don’t know what her handlers have in store for her in the near future, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see/ hear a lot of more of her soon.
One way or another.


So Who All Has Been Programmed?


A user by the name of talktoj8 asked:

Q: “So do you think all celebrities such as the ones referenced in this post have give thru actual Monarch-type trauma based mind control programming? Sorry if that is a foregone conclusion. I’m still new to your blog.”

A: While it’s nearly impossible to know unless you’re on the inside of all of this, it’s still possible to tell who has more than likely been through trauma-based mind programming, yes. It’s never a foregone conclusion, don’t worry. It’s supposed to be a personal conclusion based on personal belief. I reiterate a lot of the same things all the time, but that’s simply because this isn’t a thing of the past. It’s very much ongoing, so these types of conclusions are being made by people searching for the truth every day.

I personally believe that most, if not all major superstars have been subjected to monarch programming. At least to some extent. I believe the more power one has in the entertainment industry, the more likely they are to be tightly controlled and extensively programmed. To answer your question directly, yes. I believe that all of the stars I listed are monarch slaves. Most of the monarch slaves in the industry are female (beta sex slaves) , but there are a few males who are treated like pawns as well. These include, Eminem, and B.o.B.

It’s a sad world we live in.

MK Celebrities and Self-Awareness



So it’s time for a certified question-and-answer session. I enjoy hearing your input and thoughts/ideas even more than I enjoy trying to explain what I believe.
From now on, comment on any post in this category with questions YOU have too. If it’s genuine and insightful, I’ll break it down and answer it in this category like the following:

A couple days ago, a commenter with the username “Precious” asked:

Q: “Do you think the celebrities in the video know what the directors and editors of the video are trying to hide in the meaning. Or do you think that the celebrities are just as blind as many who listen in to the music. And why are the directors/editors using symbolism as such and supposed mind control ???”

Screenshot (17)

A: I personally believe that most mind-controlled celebrities (more specifically, their main alter) are aware that they’re probably being taken advantage of to some degree, but I don’t believe that most know they’re being manipulated to anywhere near the degree that they truly are. As far as them understanding the meaning of the symbolism in the various videos/songs/shows/etc that they put out varies.

Seeing as some of these types of media are layered with symbolism- frequently, multiple types- they could very well be aware of or even support SOME of the meanings and ideologies within them. However, I do not believe that monarch celebrities have any external awareness of the MK Ultra-related symbolism and triggers. This is namely because of the fact that if they understood what it meant, it wouldn’t be a trigger, and that knowledge could trigger a collapse of the system’s programming (think Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Mariah Carey, etc.)

When their mind has a hunch about what they are (and it always does to some extent, because the spirit sees and knows all), and how they became that way, the mind sometimes attempts to wreak havoc on the internal system in an attempt to bring the fragmented pieces of their ego back together. This also tends to happen quite frequently the older the subject gets because cerebral atrophy begins to set in. This is exactly why we see so many mysterious “celebrity deaths” when monarch slaves reach early-middle age- they’re being disposed of. Programming doesn’t tend to stay stable once they reach a certain age, so once they’re no longer useful or bringing in revenue, they’re no longer needed. There’s even something dubbed the “27 Club”, due to the strange number of celebrity deaths at that specific age.

As far as pushing the occult symbolism, a lot of it has to do with how cooperative their front alter(s) is. If they, themselves are programmed to be into into occult/esoteric symbolism or mystic-type religions like Luciferianism, Kabbalah, Scientology, etc, then there’s no reason to try and obscure the meaning of the symbolism or agenda they’re being used to push. In fact, many are more than happy to oblige. Remember, their front alters usually don’t tend to have many questions or desires beyond their bubble they happily live in. Taking orders and making the money they do makes for an easy, comfortable life. That, in turn, makes it easy to just cooperate- regardless of whether or not they agree with or even understand what they’re being used to push.

Also, as far as why they push all these symbols and subliminal meanings in our faces is because it makes for easy mass programming. When everyone is slowly exposed to this repetitive bullshit over generations, they care less and less about important matters and more and more about hashtags and twerking. That makes for an easily controllable and influenceable public, making major political moves possible with little interference or outrage. But keep in mind, the entertainment industry is only one of the tools the dark government utilises to distort our viewpoints. They also use things like false flag terror to get us to give up our privacy and weapons in exchange for what we’re lead to believe is “security and safety”. In order to usher in the police state and fulfill Agenda 21, all of the tools they use are necessary.

Does that help answer your question?

Why Don’t Monarch Slaves Remember “Lost Time” or “Blackouts”?

People who actually develop DID/MPD through personal childhood trauma often come to realise they have something wrong with them. They do so because when one develops a strong enough alter, the alter begins to have a “mind of its own”. So after a switch takes place, and the host personality comes back to, they’ll often know that they can’t remember what happened for the past hour, or day, or week. This is their first indication of the illness and can be so startling that they often seek help.

Monarch slaves, however, are much much different. Their DID is created artificially, on a level and to an extent only people in the know can comprehend. Tightly controlled monarch slaves have what is called “backup amnesia” built into their systems. This means that when the front alter switches back to taking the body, it’s not like normal DID where they realise they’ve lost time or can’t remember anything. They can’t remember that they don’t remember. Their memories would be manufactured or stitched together seamlessly, so they can’t even question their own realities.

In case you were wondering…
Because I was. And now we all know.