Jessie J’s “Thunder”: Isn’t once or twice enough?


Mickey Mouse ears AND bows = mind control triggers.

I mean really, I genuinely lost count of how many times this woman covers one of her eyes in this music video. I truly did. I guess we’ll know by the end of me writing this- but for now just kick back, relax, and have a read. This one is dark. Darker than dark-dark. Like 3dark5me.

I realise that this music video came out in 2013, but I’d forgotten all about it. Recent or not, it’s highly relevant to the information on this blog, so I’m doing a breakdown of it. Deal with it. (;

The colour scheme of this video is completely black. I mean, black everything. When I said “dark”, I meant that in more than one way. Literally, figuratively, whatever you want to call it. It is how it is.
She’s wearing a nude leotard with black detailing and a black full-neck collar (probably alluding to Beta slave status), and she also has black chiffon fabric on both sides taking on the appearance of some kind of cloak or wings at times.

The video is also set in the middle of a desert in the middle of the night with lots of- you guessed it- storms going on in the distance. Lightning flashing all about throughout the duration of it. Lightning represents two things in the context of the occult elite and monarch programming. In reference to the occult, lightning symbolises Lucifer, the “morning star”, who was struck down to earth by lightning in lore. As far as MK Ultra, lightning represents electricity (obviously)- which is important because almost all programming involves some kind of brutal, unthinkable torture. Electroshock is used very frequently because it traumatises the body and mind to the point of complete and total detachment- which is the goal. When one dissociates fully, programming can be executed properly because the consciousness and perception of the person is no longer interfering with the host-victim’s body. Super.

Anyway, the most obvious of all symbolism in this video is the one-eyed sign, commonly known as the “all-seeing eye”, or the “Eye of Horus”. This represents the global elite and their prideful, seemingly omniscient presence and awareness due to their power and the all-seeing, all-knowing power of Lucifer that they evidently hold so near and dear. The one-eyed symbol is the most commonly used symbol in reference to the elite, as the butterfly is to monarch programming. If you see a well-known politician or celebrity doing the one-eyed “salute”, be keen about what they say and do. It’s always important to be vigilant about the world around you and all of what your mind is taking in. Your mind is your most important asset, so it’s important to protect that.

Screenshot (510)

Leaning up against a car, suggesting she drove to this metaphorical place or was brought here intentionally.

The first thing we see in this video is Jessie leaning up against a black car in said desert, covering herself up with the sheer black fabric, appearing like a cloak. She looks detached and distant, and the way she’s covering herself signals vulnerability.
Next to the car, we can see a small dead tree or plant of some sort that appears as though it was planted relatively recently. This is significant because it shows a lot about monarch programming- the small plant is young but already lifeless, and was intentionally planted that way by hand- into dry, dead soil. Child victims of MK are broken and their spirits killed before they even get a chance. This is done deliberately and calculatedly, into conditions where they’ll never get the chance to sprout or grow. This is just my interpretation, however.

Next is where she begins to come alive, so to speak. Let the Illuminati batshit begin.Screenshot (511)She covers one of her eyes not even a tenth of the way into the video. No need to explain, we allllllll know what that means.Screenshot (512)Screenshot (514)
After she begins to come alive, she opens up the cloak- rendering herself completely open and susceptible. This is important because that’s the state a victim has to be in in order to program or attach darker things to them.
Screenshot (513)

Ohhh dear, here she goes covering one eye again. In all fairness, she’s better at doing it slyly in videos than some other people. *COUGH*PARISHILTON*COUGH*
Damn, I’m sorry. This cold is really getting to me.
Ahem, so yeah. Anyway.

She then reaches full-vulnerability mode when she quickly bends over backwards, revealing and opening herself up entirely to… well, whatever darkness is consuming her.

Screenshot (515)


She then covers her eye again, but I’m already getting tired of saying it so I’m just going to include a nice little collection of her many one-eyed shots at the end of this article. We can count and see how many Satan points she gets. Yay!
When lightning strikes in the distance, she whips open the black fabric and thrusts her arms into the air, fabric being blown about by the tumultuous winds surrounding her.
Screenshot (517)


Soon after, we see her on the ground, bent over forward, shrouded by the black fabric, and contorting and twisting in an eerily inhuman fashion. This type of movement is reminiscent of what you commonly see in exorcisms and possession- and it reminds me of what we saw happen to Elisa Lam, or the way Rihanna moved in her video for “What Now”.

Screenshot (518)

Weak, and surrounded by darkness.

Oh yeah, and then she awkwardly forms a triangle with her arm. Could be coincidence, but I personally don’t believe in that. This is very iffy, I’m only including it to cover the full scope of possibility. After all, that’s what having lots of speculation and theories is all about, yeah?

Maybe, maybe not.

Maybe, maybe not- but it’s there.

THERE. Now, this is where shit gets real. She begins to take on a dark, demented personality and you can tell it purely by the look in her eyes. Some of them are very quick flashes, and some are more extended, but they definitely give me the creeps.

Evil glare #1.

Evil glare #1.

After that, we see Jessie chaotically moving and twisting about, while also being surrounded by multiples of her doing the exact same. This screams monarch victim because they literally represent the multiple alters within a subject. It’s disturbing knowing what some of these elite and those in their hierarchy of their monarch system are capable of.

Multiple multiples.

Multiple multiples.

They all just look so lost and distressed.

They all just look so lost and distressed.

Once again, lightning strikes. At that exact moment, she’s posed in a way that represents full openness and acceptance. She’s opened up, and the electricity can do its job (symbolically, in a theoretical monarch setting).
Screenshot (523)

We then see the darkness quickly consuming her, and these pictures can say more than I ever could. There’s nothing more to it than complete and utter destruction of happiness and joy. You can tell by the looks on her faces.

Screenshot (528)

Collar around the neck, symbolising control and her status as a slave to the industry and its inner workings.

Screenshot (529)

Turmoil and hatred simmering inside.

Screenshot (526)

Cue possession traits, these next photos are pretty unsettling. She is shown levitating, hovering over the ground, completely open and exposed. There’s no way around that. In this first of the levitation flashes, the shadow on the ground does not appear to have a head. It could be the angle of the lighting, but I’m not sure. Regardless, it’s strange. And if the shadow is meant to not have a head, then that’s symbolic of dehumanisation and not having any remaining essence, or “core”- meaning the original self. Just a body to be inhabited and used for other means.
Screenshot (530)

After the darkness has fully consumed her, and she’s now what I’m going to refer to as “possessed” (call it what you want, it’s all the same), she’s shown standing up tall and seductively, reaching out a hand to the viewer.. beckoning for them to join her..

Screenshot (531)

Once again, shown surrounded by multiples.

We then quickly see her gazing at us through the dark shroud, symbolising her oblivious and distorted mindstate. This happens very quickly, so if you go to watch the video, watch carefully.
Screenshot (532)


Then, we’re shown her levitating once more, but this time it’s proof- proof that the levitation represents her soul leaving the body open to any and all outside influence, due to the fact that her spirit is actually shown leaving the body. At first, the body is surrounded by light, shadow on the ground. But then, the light is gone, so is her shadow.. and so is she.
Screenshot (534)


Screenshot (535)

Literally out of her mind.

Screenshot (536)

Yeah, sand makes me really angry too.

We then see some evil, dark expressions on her face, and her levitating body is now curled up, an empty hollow shell, in a position similar to a fetus in the womb.
Screenshot (537)

We also see her kneeling on the ground, head bowed down, wrapped in the darkness, and hands behind her back like she’s completely surrendered. Like a slave about to be killed.
Like a slave who’s accepted that they’re nothing.
Screenshot (538)

Aaand then we see the most disturbing face in the entire video. It weirds me out just looking at it, this bitch be 666% evil.
Screenshot (540)

We also have the wondrous privilege of seeing her lookin’ like a completely power-hungry, psychotic demon woman. Pics because it happened.

Screenshot (543)

Appearing all-powerful and demonic.

Screenshot (539)

Angel of the light, symbolising satanic deception.

Screenshot (545)

Self-inflicted injury, commonly programmed into victims in case programming starts to break down or go wrong.

At the end of the video, we see Jessie clutching her neck- a very common form of symbolism related to self-injury and masochism. After, at the very end, she collapses. This is very, very similar to Eminem at the end of his video for “Rap God”.

Screenshot (548)

Collapsed on the ground, nothing left to give.

So there we have it, mates. Jessie J is just as much of a crazy bitch as Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus or any other MK Ultra-diseased “human” being. These people are no joke. They’re truly slaves. They’re truly not who they once were, when they were young and gullible enough to get involved with the entertainment industry.
For the love of god, if you like to write music, do it for you. Don’t do it for the fame, you’ll never be the same.
End of.

Oh yeah. And here are all the numerous one-eyed shots she provided.
Screenshot (544) Screenshot (542) Screenshot (541) Screenshot (527) Screenshot (524) Screenshot (516)


I wonder who she’s working for. :l


MK Celebrities and Self-Awareness



So it’s time for a certified question-and-answer session. I enjoy hearing your input and thoughts/ideas even more than I enjoy trying to explain what I believe.
From now on, comment on any post in this category with questions YOU have too. If it’s genuine and insightful, I’ll break it down and answer it in this category like the following:

A couple days ago, a commenter with the username “Precious” asked:

Q: “Do you think the celebrities in the video know what the directors and editors of the video are trying to hide in the meaning. Or do you think that the celebrities are just as blind as many who listen in to the music. And why are the directors/editors using symbolism as such and supposed mind control ???”

Screenshot (17)

A: I personally believe that most mind-controlled celebrities (more specifically, their main alter) are aware that they’re probably being taken advantage of to some degree, but I don’t believe that most know they’re being manipulated to anywhere near the degree that they truly are. As far as them understanding the meaning of the symbolism in the various videos/songs/shows/etc that they put out varies.

Seeing as some of these types of media are layered with symbolism- frequently, multiple types- they could very well be aware of or even support SOME of the meanings and ideologies within them. However, I do not believe that monarch celebrities have any external awareness of the MK Ultra-related symbolism and triggers. This is namely because of the fact that if they understood what it meant, it wouldn’t be a trigger, and that knowledge could trigger a collapse of the system’s programming (think Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Mariah Carey, etc.)

When their mind has a hunch about what they are (and it always does to some extent, because the spirit sees and knows all), and how they became that way, the mind sometimes attempts to wreak havoc on the internal system in an attempt to bring the fragmented pieces of their ego back together. This also tends to happen quite frequently the older the subject gets because cerebral atrophy begins to set in. This is exactly why we see so many mysterious “celebrity deaths” when monarch slaves reach early-middle age- they’re being disposed of. Programming doesn’t tend to stay stable once they reach a certain age, so once they’re no longer useful or bringing in revenue, they’re no longer needed. There’s even something dubbed the “27 Club”, due to the strange number of celebrity deaths at that specific age.

As far as pushing the occult symbolism, a lot of it has to do with how cooperative their front alter(s) is. If they, themselves are programmed to be into into occult/esoteric symbolism or mystic-type religions like Luciferianism, Kabbalah, Scientology, etc, then there’s no reason to try and obscure the meaning of the symbolism or agenda they’re being used to push. In fact, many are more than happy to oblige. Remember, their front alters usually don’t tend to have many questions or desires beyond their bubble they happily live in. Taking orders and making the money they do makes for an easy, comfortable life. That, in turn, makes it easy to just cooperate- regardless of whether or not they agree with or even understand what they’re being used to push.

Also, as far as why they push all these symbols and subliminal meanings in our faces is because it makes for easy mass programming. When everyone is slowly exposed to this repetitive bullshit over generations, they care less and less about important matters and more and more about hashtags and twerking. That makes for an easily controllable and influenceable public, making major political moves possible with little interference or outrage. But keep in mind, the entertainment industry is only one of the tools the dark government utilises to distort our viewpoints. They also use things like false flag terror to get us to give up our privacy and weapons in exchange for what we’re lead to believe is “security and safety”. In order to usher in the police state and fulfill Agenda 21, all of the tools they use are necessary.

Does that help answer your question?

Goodie! Now I have a bigger problem.

Goodie! Now I have a bigger problem.

Screenshot (330)

So the real video for “Problem” came out just now, and it’s truly just a slightly more complex version of the lyric video.

The concepts of duality and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) induced in the inner-most workings of the entertainment industry reign over all other symbolism in this video. The stripes are once again present, and there are maybe like two frames of any color other than black and white being used.

I think the thing that differs most from the lyric video and this music video is the amplification of sexuality. Ariana and Iggy both appear to be heavily behaving as one would in “Beta mode”. Beta programming is a type of monarch programming that removes all personal, internal values, morals, and ideas about sex altogether, and creates a whole new persona that can be triggered by any number of things. Most common are animal prints and cats such as Beyonce’s “Kitty Kat” and Katy Perry’s ad for her perfume- which is also cat-themed. This new persona becomes the go-to identity to trigger when producing music videos or performing, and often for sex itself; alas, I digress.


The cat mask is similar to the one Ariana Grande wore for a photoshoot, and holds the same meaning. In addition, Katy has her fingers positioned in a distinct way, creating two triangles with the eye as the focus.


Yes, a human dressed like a cat looking like she wants to have sex in a satin bed is the PERFECT way to sell perfume. Also, notice how the people surrounding her are holding up cats. Can you say “triggers”?



Anyway, back to the video. The man who does the chorus bears a golden ring with a cat’s head on it. Ariana whispers into his ear and puts her hand on his shoulder seductively at a couple points:


Screenshot (318)

That finger is not Ariana's. Which is just a bit odd to me, not sure why there's even a finger there. It's kind of awkward.

That finger is not Ariana’s. Which is just a bit odd to me, not sure why there’s even a finger there. It’s kind of awkward.


Screenshot (334)

The man in this image plays the role of the “handler” due to that ring, and Ariana obviously displays allegiance to him throughout.


Another thing that popped out at me was the way they continue to display multiples in different forms. For example, at a few points, Ariana and Iggy are surrounded by multicolour silhouettes of themselves, making it appear as though there are numerous copies of them. They also display Iggy in a trio a couple times, which also represents multiples within an individual.


Screenshot (331)

Multiples via silhouette.


Ex-monarch programming victim Kim Noble (who has 13 distinct personalities), creates paintings to express herself and the torture she was put through. This painting of a face just strongly reminded me of Ariana’s dress above. ^^^

Screenshot (313)

Yo dawg. We heard you like MK Ultra, so we use multiples of multiples.


Ariana is shown multiple times spinning around on a big, black and white-striped disk. This, I believe, is the setting and evidence for her dissociation. Spinning is a standard torture process in monarch programming in order to disorientate the victim. In combination with drugs and violently creative abuse, dissociation becomes easier and easier for them to escape the repeated pain, as it becomes a natural mental reflex. This spinning is usually symbolised as the person spinning in circles or being spun, carousels, or spinning objects or images (like the giant black and white hypno-ray backdrop). Due to the depth of field the converging lines create, it resembles a tunnel of sorts. She wears all white, and her shoes are off for some reason- possibly because she feels more comfortable and less pressure within the sanctuary of her mind. She sings that she has her “head in the clouds” and has “no weight on her shoulders”.

Screenshot (336)

Giant hypnotic spiral is there the whole time.

Giant, spinning hypnotic spiral is there the whole time.

There are a final couple of things I’m going to acknowledge in this article, and one of them is the fact that there’s also a black contortionist with a “black” and white checkerboard applied to the whole surface of his skin. Also, Ariana is even more hyper-sexualised in this official video than the lyric video. I can’t tell you how many flashes of things like her ass and her waist or her legs are shown, but…

Popular black contortionist painted with masonic/dualistic checkerboard.

Popular black contortionist painted with masonic/dualistic checkerboard. Because that has everything to do with relationship problems.

I guess that’s just standard for the music biz these days. Hmph, shame.

Beta Sex Kittens: Marilyn Monroe Overload

So you may or may not have noticed… Marilyn Monroe is kind of a big deal. And she’s gained in popularity significantly over time. The reason she’s so significant to Monarch programming- and its victims- is because she was the very first programmed Beta Sex Kitten- a successful prototype. She reached diamond presidential status, and was the first major celebrity embodiment of sex appeal. 

Due to her success as a sex kitten and Hollywood icon, most modern-day Betas are programmed to both follow her ways and idolise her. At some point or another, many if not most of them are lead to portray her image and pay a sort of homage to her. So I’ve collected a small sample of female “sex symbol” celebrities who have embodied her spirit and image in photos and videos.

Up first, we have Miley Cyrus. Huge pop culture icon and influence in today’s world. Annoying or not, she’s here to stay. Here is her posing as Marilyn for a recent photoshoot.



Another well-known celeb and sex symbol would be Beyonce. Women of all colours and bloodlines portray her, including black women. Beyonce, or probably her alter Sasha Fierce rather, seems to be in a permanent “sex kitten” mode recently. Almost every song on her self-titled album is graphic and sexual in nature. Here’s her taking on the Marilyn look. Notice the one-eyed symbol and black & white contrast (duality).



Another celebrity woman of colour is Nicki Minaj, who is also a sex kitten icon. She’s known for her love of animal prints and explicit lyrics, even calling herself “Nicki Lewinsky” at times. She also seems to frequently be in a beta state a good portion of the time. Here’s her as Marilyn as well. Notice the diamond “collar” in the second photo.



Even women like Penelope Cruz and Rihanna have posed as her. Notice again, the one-eye and black/white contrast.




Here’s another handful of Beta sex kitten celebs who’ve been in Marilyn moods:


  • Scarlet Johansson- notice the cat print






  • Angelina Jolie




  • Katy Perry- notice the dualistic checkerboard pattern




  • Lady Gaga




  • The late Anna Nicole Smith, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, the list goes on. And on…






There are dozens, probably hundreds of major sex kitten celebs who have portrayed her, and I’m not going to find every one of them. I’ve made the point I was striving to make, and that is to draw a parallel distinction between monarch programming and the likeness of Marilyn Monroe.

God rest her soul. I’m tired of seeing people idolise her. She lived in fear, control, and abuse her whole life, and was murdered shamelessly and disposed of like the trash her handlers treated her as. 

She was the beginning- the beginning of a monarch empire built solely for selling sex and its image. An empire that is meeting its peak.

Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”: So in-your-face, it’s offensive.

So I watched the video for Katy Perry’s single “Dark Horse”, which I eagerly anticipated because I knew before they made it that it was going to be good. Not “good” in a sense of “wow, this song is cool, I totally respect her”, but good in a sense of “I know this is going to be too easy”. When I saw it, I was astounded by the pure blatancy of it. The elite are so in-our-face with it because they know they can be. They’ve got the masses so zombified that they perpetually don’t know, don’t care, and continue to eat up all the bullshit they produce.

Well, I for one don’t like being mindfucked by anybody- especially by the people who govern our nations and repeatedly attempt to seduce us to sleep while they take over everything. So in honour of my stance of trying to shake people like a newborn until they wake up and open their eyes to the monstrosity our planet has become, here is my analytical breakdown for the symbolism and meaning behind the video and lyrics for pop-superstar Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”.

The video basically is a combination of Egyptian mythology and MK Ultra overload.
It begins by setting the time and place, although vaguely, by showing the words “Memphis, Egypt a crazy long time ago”.
Please, be more ambiguous.


The first thing we see is Katy dressed like an Egyptian goddess, being rowed down what I assume is a river in a boat (which is
significant in the story of Horus and Set in Egyptian mythology) with immediate monarch programming triggers. We see a blue man
with a cage around his head symbolising control of the mind, and a de-humanised beta slave with the head of a cat attached by chains.


In the middle is Katy, which we immediately see has the Eye of Horus (which bears the same meaning as the “All-Seeing Eye”, or the
eye of “God”) beneath a triangle literally printed onto her hair.
One of her eyes is also lined exactly like the Eye of Horus, probably coincidentally.
Just kidding, coincidence doesn’t exist in complete fabrications.



Moving on, we see a man approach Katy with a one-eyed patch (again, probably coincidence). He offers her the gift of a stupid-big
diamond, which she eagerly snatches up and examines with a cheesy Eye of Horus prop. Did I mention she also has a snake headdress on that looks oddly like Mickey Mouse ears. Oh yeah, that. And as we should know by now, Mickey Mouse ears are a sign of monarch programming and mind-control. Regardless of its form, this headdress is a snake (evil and temptation), a symbol that shows up a lot in this video- too damn much.




   Oh, and of course she does the whole required “Marilyn Monroe” impersonation. I mean, Marilyn was the first ever diamond-status
presidential-model Beta sex slave, brutally manipulated and later murdered by her handlers. Yes, let’s degrade and disrespect both her image and Katy’s as much as possible. Such a twisted joke.


   Soon after the diamond (God, this video this screams programming) is offered to her, she uses her power of lust and seduction to get her way, and then quickly destroys and consumes her victim’s power once she has what she wants. EXACTLY like Isis, Horus’ mother- the viscious Egyptian goddess of power, magic, and immortality. And in the process of eating the jewels, she makes an insane face usually only found on the mug of Nicki Minaj.





   We see a quick shot of Katy being portrayed as a statue in a modern interpretation of Egyptian carvings. She is surrounded by
golden snakes, wrapping around her hair and her body- reminiscent of the mythological Medusa, which has ties to Isis and Lucifer,
among other Pagan gods. You don’t have to look any further than what’s underground, beneath the Vatican. There are entire rooms built to worship these deities. The chief exorcist of the Vatican has made claims of the devil being present in the Catholic church, and even having to perform an exorcism on another exorcist.


   Anyway, back to the video. Again, somebody brings Katy a gift again- this time, it’s a fat dude with an Eye of Horus stamped on his
belly. He bears all the finest and delicious foods you can imagine- including a pyramid made out of Twinkies, and a giant bowl of
flaming Cheetos. She eats a Cheeto, and it’s too hot, so she gets mad and vaporises the dude. Anger issues? I dunno, I’ll leave that one up to you.

He turns into a goblet of water, which she quickly drinks.


And in between them bringing the treats and her murdering the man, she’s shown yet again hiding one of her eyes, and being
surrounded by programming triggers/symbols like the rabbit- an allusion to Alice in Wonderland programming where the person is
taught to dissociate and “go through the looking glass”. Some of you might say “Hey! The rabbit had a totally different meaning in ancient Egypt! ur so syko lololol” Which is true, but we have to use our brains, and look at these symbols in the context they’re in to analyse them properly. Katy Perry is a monarch slave, and these symbols have a specific meaning to her and her mindstate.



   This theme of seducing men into giving her things with her sex appeal/ power, and her destroying/ altering the bearers occurs THREE more times. Once, a man brings her a pimped-out golden ride with spinners, hydraulics, and a horned animal on it. She turns him into sand like the others, leaving him as a pair of dice for her new ride.

In between this man showing her his ride and her murdering HIM, Juicy J comes out of an Anubis sarcophagus that’s being felt up by the dehumanised cat-slaves. Anubis is highly associated with both Isis and Horus, as Anubis was adopted as Isis’ child, making him a sort of brother figure to Horus. Anubis was the Egyptian god of the Dead, the one who called the shots on who got into the afterlife and who was destroyed. The inside of the sarcophagus is covered with snakes as well.



   J has glasses on with heiroglyphs, but I can’t read them so I’m not going to try. If any of you have a clue, you can feel free to comment and I’ll edit with your translation.


   The other man comes as himself with a chained veil over his face (bringing himself, as in a sex slave possibly?), but once he reveals his face, she sees that he is not a man- but a crocodile. So she destroys him and he turns into a golden croc-skin clutch with, yet again, an Eye of Horus on it (and the crocman’s silver tooth on a chain).
Oh yeah, and she dances on a stripper pole as well. Beta much? Plus there’s another Eye of Horus on the floor. I’m getting tired of
typing those words, that’s how much this symbol shows up in this video. It’s also on the boat she’s on in the beginning. I probably should have said that… but like I said, if I stated every time it showed up, it would take up half the internet.




   So in the end, there’s a final man (wearing a pendant with the Eye of Horus inside a triangle, accentuating the link between the
sybmbolism of the Eye of Horus and the “All-Seeing Eye”) who shows her a giant golden pyramid with an illuminated top. It doesn’t get
more blatant than this, guys.


   She takes her place at the top of the pyramid, showing her limitless power. She spreads her wings and manipulates the skies, looking like a total psycho in the process. This is surefire proof she’s representing the goddess Isis. The powers, not the psycho bit. I dunno, I never met Isis. She could have been a total psycho.



   Aaand, that’s the end of that. Katy is truly fucked-up and there’s no help in the world that could save her at this point because she’s so far gone. This video is the complete opposite of her portrayal in the song “Unconditionally”, marking a distinction between separate personalities. If you think she’s acting, I’d have to disagree. She doesn’t have that much talent. If she did, she’d be on Broadway, not taking orders from record company execs like the puppet she is.

   Even those of you who don’t believe in any of this can plainly see the meaning behind this video.
Bitch be evil.