“Love You like A Love Song”: A Selena Gomez Delusion

“Love You like A Love Song”: A Selena Gomez Delusion


I’m well aware that this video is pretty old, but I’m re-posting this article for you guys to see- because for some reason, it was taken down. I’ve revised it and republished it now, so I invite you all to have a read. It’s a bit lengthy, but the video is alarmingly intricate when knowledge of monarch and occult symbolism are applied. A lot of what I’ve deciphered is somewhat easy to understand, but I’m still currently doing further research into what exactly certain portions are referencing. If you have any additional knowledge or further insights, please feel free to comment in the comments section below.


The video for this song starts out in an oriental karaoke lounge (Edit:  Karaoke bars are commonly used as a place to secretly bring Monarch slaves in for accessing). It’s dark, uncomfortable, and everyone is in black. Displayed on the stage is an inverted pentagram in the form of a shooting star. This is a reference to Satan/Lucifer, as he was cast down to Earth in the form of a star, and is referred to as ‘the morning star’ and ‘son of the dawn’. There is also a rainbow on the screen, a common MK trigger.




Selena is beckoned up onto the stage, and eagerly begins to sing. “Love You Like a Love Song” is about Lucifer, and Selena’s connection to the darker occult. She sings,
“You are beautiful, like a dream come alive, incredible. A sinful, miracle, lyrical. You’ve saved my life again”. Later on, she goes to sing, “It feels like I’ve been rescued. I’ve been set free. I am hypnotized by your destiny.”
None of what she is saying implies rational, conscious choice. She uses the words ‘dream’, ‘hypnotised’, ‘sinful’, and yet also says ‘saved’. In some monarch programming, a victim can be traumatised literally to the point of death via electroshock, drugs, and/or abuse. The victim is then resuscitated, and told by their handlers that they were rescued by the deity or entity they’re intended to  worship. They are told that they owe their lives to this entity, because this entity ‘saved’ them. This is called resuscitation programming

Selena is shown in a land of various shades of purple, a color coded trigger to dissociate. She is laid out and/or walking hand-in-hand with a generic male figure. This male figure is supposed to represent Lucifer, the ‘son of morning’. They suggest this in multiple hints, like the fact that he’s playing an instrument (Satan oversaw all music in heaven before he fell), and the fact that they repeatedly display the sun between Selena and this male figure, as seen in the photos below, literally representing their connection via the ‘enlightenment’ and ‘illumination’ she sees through him.





In this purple wonderland, Selena is shown doing the hermetic ‘as above, so below’ sign. Not only that, but she is coincidentally shown as having six birds flying out of her head, along with her spinning a hoop around her hips. Spinning is yet another MK trigger, used to further dissociate victims. It is often displayed in the form of a carousel, or twirling. Another point I could mention is that she’s got metal bracers/cuffs around her arms and wrist, signifying her status as a slave to the industry. This is a common giveaway.




The next scene is one of the most symbolic and significant of the video. At a certain point, Selena achieves full dissociation. This is actually important for their Systems when related to performing, as dissociation takes the pressure off their fronts- who weren’t designed for performing- while their alters built for performing can do so successfully.  This dissociation is shown symbolically by displaying her as enlightened, up in the clouds, still singing karaoke (as shown by the presence of the shooting star-which, as you can see is now right-side up- the microphone, and the TV she’s watching). She’s laid out on a big, purple triangle piano (concrete triggers), and is surrounded by busts (of mythological figures), symbolising her multiple alters. She is still with a man, he is just a different man. He also happens to be playing the piano she’s laying on. This could very well be another representative of Satan, due to the fact that he is with her, he is in control, and he is playing the music while she sings along. At one point, he even makes a conductor-like gesture, regardless of the lack of a physical orchestra. This is a mockery of the fact that he gives the orders, and she just follows along. She is the instrument, and he is conducting her. Regardless of who the man truly represents, this bit is strongly suggestive of Selena’s dissociated and helpless state as an MK victim.




In the next scene, Selena is entranced by the images shown to her on the screen. She is viewing herself, and she just so happens to be decked-out in triggers, such as leopard print glasses (alluding to her Beta state), her black and white checkered collar (duality), and false beauty mark that ties back in with Marilyn Monroe and the role her image plays in beta programming. She is still in yet another purple-shaded world, riding in a car being driven by yet another random male figure. And he just so happens to be wearing a snakeskin jacket. This video is quite true to the fact that Satan has many, many forms- and takes what form is needed when it’s needed.

Screenshot (348)

Screenshot (339)

As you can see, she’s wearing bracers around her wrists in this scene as well.

At one point, Selena’s eyes are shown as his- suggesting that she has successfully bonded with him on a metaphysical level (eyes being the “window to the soul”). It also shows her lips as his eyes at one point, purely to forcibly draw attention to her mouth in order to sexualise her. This type of behaviour is a common theme throughout most Disney stars’ productions.

Screenshot (343)

After the scene with the snakeskin dude, she’s shown dancing around in front of dozens of screens again- all of which repeatedly show multiples of her. In this quick cutscene, the major multiple shown is male, with black and white glasses and a black and white outfit.

Screenshot (344)

During the next scene in the video, Selena is shown in a field by a tree, surrounded by a mariachi-type band. Each member in the band is wearing a red (sacrifice/sexual colour) sort of film over their eyes, bar one with purple (high level of consciousness/ awareness and power). This scene is pretty important seeing as it’s not only another example of dissociation, but this time it’s dissociation during ritualistic abuse. Her outfit is almost entirely jewels, hinting at the fact that she’s more than likely been through jewel programming as well. She’s adorned with rubies (equivalent to red in colour programming) suggesting even further the symbolic sexual energy of the scene. The man in purple hands her a purple lightsaber-looking object with which she swings around at a pinata. She’s blindfolded during this point, symbolising the fact that her front alter(s) is/are “in the dark” or unknowing about the circumstance, or even her position altogether. When she successfully hits the pinata it bursts open, showering her with confetti which she blindly dances around in.

Screenshot (350)

Trees also play a significant part in monarch programming because they lie at the center of a sort of “internal Garden of Eden”.

Screenshot (352)

Ruby earrings and a massive ruby ring, covered in jewels.

Screenshot (353)

Red is sacrificial here, and even though she’s swimming in red confetti, she’s blinded from it by a red blindfold.

Screenshot (354)

At one point, a shaft of light quickly shoots straight through her body. This could either symbolise enlightenment, or electroshock (which would make sense in the context of ritual abuse).


The final scene in this video is perhaps the most important. The characters we’ve seen all throughout the video are actually in the real audience she’s singing to! So what we were lead to believe were make-believe figures, are actually real and present in her life- even if she is unaware of them.

Screenshot (365) Screenshot (366) Screenshot (368) Screenshot (369)

Y’know, for a Selena Gomez song this video was overwhelmingly intricate. One of the most under-recognised ones in entertainment in the context of monarch programming, in my opinion. But hey, if the occult elite are going to spend their money anywhere, why not on the generations to come’s mass programming? Thrifty.

Oh, yeah. And they also throw this in for us at the end super quick so we get the hint that these people are all symbols related and significant to her success in this video. Can’t deny that. Well, you can. But you’d be wrong.

Family photo!

Family photo!