I see it in almost every major TV show I watch.

"Hermanos"- Breaking Bad: Season 4, Episode 8

“Hermanos”- Breaking Bad: Season 4, Episode 8


Kiesza’s album artwork for “Hideaway” and “Giant in my Heart” feature monarch symbolism.

Kiesza is a well-known singer-songwriter and dancer who came onto the scene around 2010-ish. She’s mostly known for her single “Hideaway”, whose title suggests a sort of mental escape. And whaddaya know, the lyrics follow exactly that theme. One part goes,

“You send me the shiver up my spine, might overflow
You’re bringing me closer to the edge of letting go
You’re just a hideaway, you’re just a feeling

You let my heart escape beyond the meaning
Putting my head into the clouds I’m floating home
When you get me going I can’t find a way to stop
You’re just a chance I take to keep on dreaming
You’re just another day that keeps me breathing”

She’s talking about becoming numb to emotions, and having her head in the clouds- which she goes as far as to call “home”. And the first line where she talks about how her spine might “overflow” is related to the point in monarch programming where they overload the Central Nervous System via loud music, electroshock, torture, screaming, etc. When that happens, they dissociate completely, leaving the host body open for programming.  She also talks about the subject being “just another day that keeps me breathing”, suggesting that her life depends on this programming.

Opening of the head suggests mind control, especially when the inside is hollow or filled with something different. The zipper on her arm suggests that she’s a product, rearrangeable and carefully constructed.

Stacking of the heads inside one another suggests multiple personalities, or “alters”. The surrealism of the setting and the sky backdrop suggest being in a dreamland dissociative state.

Once again, the slicing apart of parts of the body suggest a fragmented mind and therefore multiple alters. The giant hole in her chest suggests the removal of emotion, which is a big part programming. Emotion isn’t practical to them. Instead, they’ve placed a manufactured version of “love” inside the hole. It’s funny how they chose an iconic art piece to fill her in with. As though she’s a work of art, meant to be an icon.

Also, the lightning bolt in her name is suggestive of electroshock torture, one of the most commonly used traumatising techniques used by monarch handlers. I figured I should add that in there.
As well, Luke 10:18 states that he saw Satan struck down from the heavens “like lightning”. Therefore, it can also apply in a Luciferian context.
So there you go, more monarch programming symbolism and MK Ultra bullshit. I can’t look anywhere anymore without seeing monarch programming triggers on and around these slaves. It truly is a shame.

MK Celebrities and Self-Awareness



So it’s time for a certified question-and-answer session. I enjoy hearing your input and thoughts/ideas even more than I enjoy trying to explain what I believe.
From now on, comment on any post in this category with questions YOU have too. If it’s genuine and insightful, I’ll break it down and answer it in this category like the following:

A couple days ago, a commenter with the username “Precious” asked:

Q: “Do you think the celebrities in the video know what the directors and editors of the video are trying to hide in the meaning. Or do you think that the celebrities are just as blind as many who listen in to the music. And why are the directors/editors using symbolism as such and supposed mind control ???”

Screenshot (17)

A: I personally believe that most mind-controlled celebrities (more specifically, their main alter) are aware that they’re probably being taken advantage of to some degree, but I don’t believe that most know they’re being manipulated to anywhere near the degree that they truly are. As far as them understanding the meaning of the symbolism in the various videos/songs/shows/etc that they put out varies.

Seeing as some of these types of media are layered with symbolism- frequently, multiple types- they could very well be aware of or even support SOME of the meanings and ideologies within them. However, I do not believe that monarch celebrities have any external awareness of the MK Ultra-related symbolism and triggers. This is namely because of the fact that if they understood what it meant, it wouldn’t be a trigger, and that knowledge could trigger a collapse of the system’s programming (think Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Mariah Carey, etc.)

When their mind has a hunch about what they are (and it always does to some extent, because the spirit sees and knows all), and how they became that way, the mind sometimes attempts to wreak havoc on the internal system in an attempt to bring the fragmented pieces of their ego back together. This also tends to happen quite frequently the older the subject gets because cerebral atrophy begins to set in. This is exactly why we see so many mysterious “celebrity deaths” when monarch slaves reach early-middle age- they’re being disposed of. Programming doesn’t tend to stay stable once they reach a certain age, so once they’re no longer useful or bringing in revenue, they’re no longer needed. There’s even something dubbed the “27 Club”, due to the strange number of celebrity deaths at that specific age.

As far as pushing the occult symbolism, a lot of it has to do with how cooperative their front alter(s) is. If they, themselves are programmed to be into into occult/esoteric symbolism or mystic-type religions like Luciferianism, Kabbalah, Scientology, etc, then there’s no reason to try and obscure the meaning of the symbolism or agenda they’re being used to push. In fact, many are more than happy to oblige. Remember, their front alters usually don’t tend to have many questions or desires beyond their bubble they happily live in. Taking orders and making the money they do makes for an easy, comfortable life. That, in turn, makes it easy to just cooperate- regardless of whether or not they agree with or even understand what they’re being used to push.

Also, as far as why they push all these symbols and subliminal meanings in our faces is because it makes for easy mass programming. When everyone is slowly exposed to this repetitive bullshit over generations, they care less and less about important matters and more and more about hashtags and twerking. That makes for an easily controllable and influenceable public, making major political moves possible with little interference or outrage. But keep in mind, the entertainment industry is only one of the tools the dark government utilises to distort our viewpoints. They also use things like false flag terror to get us to give up our privacy and weapons in exchange for what we’re lead to believe is “security and safety”. In order to usher in the police state and fulfill Agenda 21, all of the tools they use are necessary.

Does that help answer your question?

Alexa Goddard’s “Marilyn”: I can’t even anymore.

Do you know who Alexa Goddard is? Because I didn’t, until I saw her name and face plastered all over Vevo’s homepage. She’s signed to Roc-A-Fella Records, and we all know what that means. But hey, I guess the industry could always use another sexed-up sleazebag to do their bidding. She does a super duper job of it in the video for her latest single. Called “Marilyn”. And it’s about wanting to be like “Marilyn, Marilyn!” Because she lived such a fabulous life apparently, and everything people know about her is so accurate. Except it’s not. She was put through atrocity after atrocity, until she was all used up. Then she was disposed of, in the characteristic “mysterious celebrity death” they’re given. Cheap cover stories and disinformation.

Regardless, here we are with yet another Marilyn Monroe idolisation song. I swear to god if I see one more shirt, belt, wallet, backpack, poster, keychain, or fucking tampon with her face on it? So help me. That’s all I can say, because I don’t need the NSA at my front doorstep.

OH-kay, moving on. The lyrics for the first verse of the song go:
“Let’s go down to Carnaby
Get fucked up like we’re royalty
Let’s go try something that we shouldn’t
Cause that’s what legends do
Take me down the rabbit hole
Let’s go places no one knows
It’s my twisted fantasy
This is who I wanna be”


Shot reflecting only her head.

If you know anything at all about MK Ultra/ monarch programming references, this song should ring a bell. Loud. I mean, really. These are the kinds of girls children look up to and idolise. They see them on TV or on the internet, half-naked and dancing around like they’re up for bid. That’s a thing. And I presume it’s only going to get worse. These lyrics suggest careless, self-destructive behaviour while also suggesting dissociation (through an Alice in Wonderland programming reference) into a world that she calls her “twisted fantasy”. Sounds fun. The first few seconds of the video show a reflection of her in a rearview mirror, but not a shot of her driving- a reflection of just her head. This is the first clue to her fragmented state.
Warning: There’s also a lot of flashing and flickering in this video too, some of which was too fast for me to even slow down to analyse, so just be careful what you watch. I’m glad I’m not epileptic.

We see Alexa walking along with a suitcase in a white top and long white skirt that look eerily similar to a wedding dress. They use the white gown to symbolise a sacrificing of purity, exactly like Taylor Swift when she performed her song “I Knew You Were Trouble”. The next thing I took note of was the fact that she was shown walking past a wax museum. A museum full of figures that look like exactly like people, but aren’t alive or mentally aware? Hmmm. It’s fitting.


Taylor in a virginal “wedding” gown for ritualistic “sacrifice” at the 2012 Brit Awards. Hellfire and all. The women dancers in this bit were wearing cages (at the AMAs) and large masks (in this performance) around their faces.


White, virginal stylised top and skirt. Notice the wax museum to her right (left of screen).

One other thing that caught my eye was the drawing of attention to a map in her hand titled “EZ Map”. Why would they show the map up close, in-focus like that unless there was something significant about it? Nothing is accidental in complete fabrications, especially when it’s a split second long. The letters E and Z are important because E is the 5th letter of the alphabet, and Z is the 26th. 5 + (2+6) = 13. Whaddaya know, it does have significance. The number 13 is incredibly important to the occult elite, because there are 13 satanic bloodlines that make up the hierarchy of global power. You might say numerology is stupid- and you’re right. But to these men, certain numbers have dire powers and meanings, so much so that they plan certain events on certain days with numerological significance to them. Therefore, even if it is dumb, I can’t overlook it as it can be a valid pointer.


“EZ” map.

Next, we see the beginnings of her complete and utter insanity. She’s shown stood in front of a checkered wall (duality), spinning (dissociation) around with a GIANT crystal chain collar around her neck (beta programming/ slave status), spinning around in a checkered hallway (duality), and spinning around in a pink and blue (beta-bisexual programming) crop top that has “HELL” written in glitter. Fancy as fuck. Keep in mind that this all happens within a very short time frame. As well, I couldn’t even count the number of times this chick was spinning her brains out like a 5-year-old in this video. Literally could not keep up. I think she spends more time spinning in circles than actually singing. Regardless, it’s crucial because it’s deeply related to the process of getting one to properly dissociate during the programming process. It’s frequently symbolised by spinning tops, pinwheels, carousels, spinning in circles, and ferris wheels.


Slave-status chained collar.


Look how cute, and she’s original too!


Checkered walls. She must REALLY like them.


Remember when I said carousels and ferris wheels can represent dissociation triggers?


Checkered walls, blue and pink checked “HELL” top, and OH LOOK. SHE’S SPINNING AGAIN.

Then we’re off to the chorus. It goes “I don’t wanna be dull, I don’t wanna be normal like Marilyn Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Marilyn! I don’t wanna be alone, I wanna be someone like Marilyn Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe! (x9).
Can we talk about how grammatically irritating this is? I know what she means, but I don’t know if she does. She could have just as easily said “I wanna be different like Marilyn”.
Not only is it grammatically annoying, but it also insinuates a lot of things, like the fact that you’ll be alone if you’re not someone like Marilyn. Not only that, but it pushes idolatry and unoriginality. Why would you want to be someone like anyone else but yourself? Nobody gets to be you but you. A million girls try to be just like Marilyn, and that’s different. Okay then, buddy.
Before I go on to the latter part of this video, I’m just going to put this screen shot in as well. I was debating whether or not to, but I just had to because of how unsettling it was. This frame went by super quick (I didn’t notice it the first few times), and you never see anything like it again for the rest of the video. It’s just.. lifeless, robotic, and eerie.Screenshot (436)

By the way, the things I’m pointing out act as triggers to a monarch slave, in order to keep them in the mental mode their handlers desire. I’m not just doing this to call out “Illuminati bullshit”, I’m doing this to spread as accurate information about modern MK Ultra culture so we’re not all oblivious to it. So that we better-understand the things we see in the world shaped around us. It’s a big deal in relation to the global elite because they, themselves have used and/or been through MP, and most (if not all) have alters of their own for specific purposes, like occult rituals.
ANYWAY. Then we get to the second half of the video, and she’s in a giant, cage-like fake crown while holding an ice cream cone. Both of these are significant, as the crown here symbolises control over the mind, and ice cream is code for metaphorically freezing the brain in monarch programming. Y’know? Brain freeze. Mariah Carey brought an ice cream trolley to the set of a show she wasn’t invited to be on when she had her programming meltdown.
Screenshot (447)

Very shortly after, we see the next scene take place- in which she’s wearing a jeweled crop top. This signifies jewel programming- which has a lot in common with colour programming. Different colours/jewels are programmed to be associated with certain alters, and are used as triggers to re-inforce the dissociation once that alter’s taken the body. For example, she’s wearing giant dangling ruby earrings. Rubies are triggers/code for sexual alters. Nobody but a specific slave’s handler is able to bring up an alter, as they can only be accessed with virtually crack-proof codes. So please, nobody go running up to celebrities shouting colours in their faces.
She’s not only wearing that, but she’s also sunglasses with a veil over them. Do not try to tell me this is practical at all, because it’s just ludicrous. But it is extremely symbolic- veils and blindfolds represent the slave being “blind” to their internal programming, as well as the daily manipulation and abuse they endure just for the fame and money- which is more than enough for them (as in their front alters) to take orders 99% of the time.

Screenshot (448)

Veil over the eyes and jeweled top. But hey, she looks happy to me.


 She’s walking down a boardwalk when she encounters a man playing the piano, with a piano belt on. Pianos are black and white, which could represent duality but I’m not gonna make that call 100% because it’s merely a possibility. Also somewhat relevant is the following quote from the fourth chapter of Fritz Springmeier’s book The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave: “The conscious mind and the subconscious mind need to grapple. For creativity to be productive it must occur within limits. For instance, the concerto is created within the limits of a piano keyboard.” Also, she’s shown tipping the guy- and on her arm you can clearly see a feather tattoo. Real or not (it’s more than likely not), it’s a trigger that represents the lightheaded feeling one gets after being electroshocked to the point of complete and total dissociation. This is also frequently symbolised by balloons or butterflies.

Feather tattoo.

Feather tattoo.

For a couple seconds after, we see a clear shot of a man drinking a frosty, ice-cold beverage. Which is cool and all, except it’s centered in such a way that draws our eye to his tattoo and not him. I have not tried to decipher his tat, so if any of you have a clue, comment below and I’ll edit.
Screenshot (451)

Thereafter, we see Alexa encounter a few small dogs. This part lasts a bit longer than it really should, which was an instant clue to me that it had to mean something. I immediately remembered that slaves with Wizard of Oz programming are given dogs (like Toto) that they get deeply attached to, only to have them “run away” or “get sick and instantly die out of nowhere for no reason because they killed it”. This is to further fracture a slave’s ego for programming, and can be done at any age. For example, Miley Cyrus was recently reprogrammed when she fell “ill” during her current tour. Right around the same time, one of her dogs whom she was evidently very close with died suddenly. Perfect grounds for stable programming. Also not pictured here, she’s wearing a bow (symbol for mind control) ring during a good portion of the video.

Screenshot (452)

Alexa with the little dogs. More black, white, and stripes too.

After a bit more spinning around and chanting “Marilyn, Marilyn”, she’s shown walking across a street in a black & white-striped maxi dress and carrying a red umbrella. Obvious symbolism going on here, as well as red being a sacrificial colour. When it comes to “sacrifice”, the sequence of colours a theoretical woman wears go from white for purity, to red for sacrifice, and then black for rebirth.
Screenshot (457)



The last scene in this video takes place on the beach itself. She’s blowing on a pinwheel, looking all daydreamy, and then running around with balloons. Pinwheel spinning around because she’s taking a break (but no seriously, it’s for dissociation), and the balloons represent the lightheadedness experienced by electroshocked/tortured- similar to the symbol of the feather on her arm from earlier.

Screenshot (458)

Screenshot (459) This is strongly suggestive that she really is off “in a world of her own”.

Screenshot (460)


So that concludes my interpretation of this otherwise dull and obnoxiously cliche video. Okay I’m kidding, it’s totally still obnoxious. But I couldn’t resist analysing it because there was just too much going on here for me to pass it up.
Even though you may or may not have learned anything from this article, I still strongly recommend that each and every one of you go out there into the world, mind open, and learn as much as you can for yourself. Other people can mislead you, and some do intentionally. Just be on the watch. Sort truth from fiction, and guard yourself from the malicious elite and their entire pyramid of people feeding off one another’s power for their own gain.
I think “be cautious” are the words I was looking for.

“Love You like A Love Song”: A Selena Gomez Delusion

“Love You like A Love Song”: A Selena Gomez Delusion


I’m well aware that this video is pretty old, but I’m re-posting this article for you guys to see- because for some reason, it was taken down. I’ve revised it and republished it now, so I invite you all to have a read. It’s a bit lengthy, but the video is alarmingly intricate when knowledge of monarch and occult symbolism are applied. A lot of what I’ve deciphered is somewhat easy to understand, but I’m still currently doing further research into what exactly certain portions are referencing. If you have any additional knowledge or further insights, please feel free to comment in the comments section below.


The video for this song starts out in an oriental karaoke lounge (Edit:  Karaoke bars are commonly used as a place to secretly bring Monarch slaves in for accessing). It’s dark, uncomfortable, and everyone is in black. Displayed on the stage is an inverted pentagram in the form of a shooting star. This is a reference to Satan/Lucifer, as he was cast down to Earth in the form of a star, and is referred to as ‘the morning star’ and ‘son of the dawn’. There is also a rainbow on the screen, a common MK trigger.




Selena is beckoned up onto the stage, and eagerly begins to sing. “Love You Like a Love Song” is about Lucifer, and Selena’s connection to the darker occult. She sings,
“You are beautiful, like a dream come alive, incredible. A sinful, miracle, lyrical. You’ve saved my life again”. Later on, she goes to sing, “It feels like I’ve been rescued. I’ve been set free. I am hypnotized by your destiny.”
None of what she is saying implies rational, conscious choice. She uses the words ‘dream’, ‘hypnotised’, ‘sinful’, and yet also says ‘saved’. In some monarch programming, a victim can be traumatised literally to the point of death via electroshock, drugs, and/or abuse. The victim is then resuscitated, and told by their handlers that they were rescued by the deity or entity they’re intended to  worship. They are told that they owe their lives to this entity, because this entity ‘saved’ them. This is called resuscitation programming

Selena is shown in a land of various shades of purple, a color coded trigger to dissociate. She is laid out and/or walking hand-in-hand with a generic male figure. This male figure is supposed to represent Lucifer, the ‘son of morning’. They suggest this in multiple hints, like the fact that he’s playing an instrument (Satan oversaw all music in heaven before he fell), and the fact that they repeatedly display the sun between Selena and this male figure, as seen in the photos below, literally representing their connection via the ‘enlightenment’ and ‘illumination’ she sees through him.





In this purple wonderland, Selena is shown doing the hermetic ‘as above, so below’ sign. Not only that, but she is coincidentally shown as having six birds flying out of her head, along with her spinning a hoop around her hips. Spinning is yet another MK trigger, used to further dissociate victims. It is often displayed in the form of a carousel, or twirling. Another point I could mention is that she’s got metal bracers/cuffs around her arms and wrist, signifying her status as a slave to the industry. This is a common giveaway.




The next scene is one of the most symbolic and significant of the video. At a certain point, Selena achieves full dissociation. This is actually important for their Systems when related to performing, as dissociation takes the pressure off their fronts- who weren’t designed for performing- while their alters built for performing can do so successfully.  This dissociation is shown symbolically by displaying her as enlightened, up in the clouds, still singing karaoke (as shown by the presence of the shooting star-which, as you can see is now right-side up- the microphone, and the TV she’s watching). She’s laid out on a big, purple triangle piano (concrete triggers), and is surrounded by busts (of mythological figures), symbolising her multiple alters. She is still with a man, he is just a different man. He also happens to be playing the piano she’s laying on. This could very well be another representative of Satan, due to the fact that he is with her, he is in control, and he is playing the music while she sings along. At one point, he even makes a conductor-like gesture, regardless of the lack of a physical orchestra. This is a mockery of the fact that he gives the orders, and she just follows along. She is the instrument, and he is conducting her. Regardless of who the man truly represents, this bit is strongly suggestive of Selena’s dissociated and helpless state as an MK victim.




In the next scene, Selena is entranced by the images shown to her on the screen. She is viewing herself, and she just so happens to be decked-out in triggers, such as leopard print glasses (alluding to her Beta state), her black and white checkered collar (duality), and false beauty mark that ties back in with Marilyn Monroe and the role her image plays in beta programming. She is still in yet another purple-shaded world, riding in a car being driven by yet another random male figure. And he just so happens to be wearing a snakeskin jacket. This video is quite true to the fact that Satan has many, many forms- and takes what form is needed when it’s needed.

Screenshot (348)

Screenshot (339)

As you can see, she’s wearing bracers around her wrists in this scene as well.

At one point, Selena’s eyes are shown as his- suggesting that she has successfully bonded with him on a metaphysical level (eyes being the “window to the soul”). It also shows her lips as his eyes at one point, purely to forcibly draw attention to her mouth in order to sexualise her. This type of behaviour is a common theme throughout most Disney stars’ productions.

Screenshot (343)

After the scene with the snakeskin dude, she’s shown dancing around in front of dozens of screens again- all of which repeatedly show multiples of her. In this quick cutscene, the major multiple shown is male, with black and white glasses and a black and white outfit.

Screenshot (344)

During the next scene in the video, Selena is shown in a field by a tree, surrounded by a mariachi-type band. Each member in the band is wearing a red (sacrifice/sexual colour) sort of film over their eyes, bar one with purple (high level of consciousness/ awareness and power). This scene is pretty important seeing as it’s not only another example of dissociation, but this time it’s dissociation during ritualistic abuse. Her outfit is almost entirely jewels, hinting at the fact that she’s more than likely been through jewel programming as well. She’s adorned with rubies (equivalent to red in colour programming) suggesting even further the symbolic sexual energy of the scene. The man in purple hands her a purple lightsaber-looking object with which she swings around at a pinata. She’s blindfolded during this point, symbolising the fact that her front alter(s) is/are “in the dark” or unknowing about the circumstance, or even her position altogether. When she successfully hits the pinata it bursts open, showering her with confetti which she blindly dances around in.

Screenshot (350)

Trees also play a significant part in monarch programming because they lie at the center of a sort of “internal Garden of Eden”.

Screenshot (352)

Ruby earrings and a massive ruby ring, covered in jewels.

Screenshot (353)

Red is sacrificial here, and even though she’s swimming in red confetti, she’s blinded from it by a red blindfold.

Screenshot (354)

At one point, a shaft of light quickly shoots straight through her body. This could either symbolise enlightenment, or electroshock (which would make sense in the context of ritual abuse).


The final scene in this video is perhaps the most important. The characters we’ve seen all throughout the video are actually in the real audience she’s singing to! So what we were lead to believe were make-believe figures, are actually real and present in her life- even if she is unaware of them.

Screenshot (365) Screenshot (366) Screenshot (368) Screenshot (369)

Y’know, for a Selena Gomez song this video was overwhelmingly intricate. One of the most under-recognised ones in entertainment in the context of monarch programming, in my opinion. But hey, if the occult elite are going to spend their money anywhere, why not on the generations to come’s mass programming? Thrifty.

Oh, yeah. And they also throw this in for us at the end super quick so we get the hint that these people are all symbols related and significant to her success in this video. Can’t deny that. Well, you can. But you’d be wrong.

Family photo!

Family photo!


 I’ve got 99 problems, and “Problem” is one of them.


So one of the latest and greatest collabs  has happened, and it’s by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea- two big up-and-coming artists in the mainstream industry. Okay, so maybe it’s not the greatest, but it’s relevant. And that’s what’s important to cover. When occult symbolism and a hierarchy of power are the very foundation of the music industry- so if you wanna make it big, you have to comply with pushing their agenda. The issue I have with the song “Problem” is not the sound; it’s got nothing to do with the genre, and it’s got very little to do with the lyrics (which are about as deep as puddle, regardless). The problem I have with this song is the overwhelmingly-overused, simple and obvious symbolic theme throughout the entirety of the official Vevo/Interscope lyric video, and surrounding promotional imagery.


Black and white (symbolising duality), and sexualisation to promote the classic “good girl gone bad” image.

Iggy Azalea isn’t too shy of a girl herself. Her frequently raunchy lyrics, and overtly sexual musical themes are things of a parent’s worst nightmare. Although she can be quite explicit, seeing younger stars on channels like Disney and Nickelodeon teaming up with the industry’s leading sex kittens isn’t too uncommon anymore.



This photoset shows her powerlessness and allegiance to the industry and its inner workings. The leopard skin leggings, the checkerboard couch, and the all-seeing-eye are symbols of her status in the monarch world.

Ariana is going through the “good girl gone bad” stage, something all young female stars have to go through at some point to make it big. Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Beyoncé are just a few examples off the top of my head. After all, innocence doesn’t sell records. But there are two things it does do- earn the trust of parents in order to expose this “phase” to children, and normalise sexualisation of the very innocence they possess.

download (1)

Ariana in cat ears (beta programming trigger). She’s also in a shirt with a cat on it. Cat. Kitten. Sex kitten. Get it? Good.


Flashing the occult triple six hand-sign over one eye is super cool.

Masks are representative of multiple personalities in monarch programming. The fact that it’s a kitten should be enough in and of itself to show she has been/is under Beta programming. Once again, the black and white stripes represent the duality of her nature, and the poses go to show the sexualising of innocence and youth is also present.

To symbolise her going through this, she is constantly portrayed as or dressed in black and white and hyper-sexualised. In this context, the black and white represents the concept of duality, a mixing of good and evil through light and dark. Duality holds its place as a common theme throughout many religions and cults, and often, it is a celebration of both extremes of good and evil in human nature- especially in conjunction. Because of this, it is also a standard in monarch programming. Which leads me into this simple lyric/music video.

This video isn’t even technically a music video. It’s a “lyric” video, which really just means “people want a video for this song, but we don’t have time for this, so let’s just throw some words on a screen and flash subliminal imagery behind them”. Whether or not you’re conscious of the heavy symbolism used by the occult elite everywhere you look, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. It also doesn’t mean your subconscious doesn’t recognise it and make connections, because your subconscious records everything. No matter the size, speed, or exposure time, your subconscious can pick up on the most minute of details. This makes it a very powerful tool for the industry.

What most people would see when watching this video is simply sexy girls in shadows, winking, licking their lips, moving their hips, and singing. But what’s beneath this lazy facade runs deep in the world of symbolism.

Throughout, Ariana and Iggy are both filmed with rays of shadows on them in various ways. These stripes represent two things: “illumination” and once again, the concept of duality. The idea of esoteric enlightenment is something the occult elite hold very near and dear. A few good, solid times, the rays are focused around one of Ariana’s eyes- both rightside up and upside down.


Screenshot (305)
Screenshot (295)Screenshot (287)

Screenshot (284)

As you can see above, the illuminated rays protruding from the eye of providence on Aleister Crowley’s hat strike and uncanny resemblance. This shows the idea that the occult hold, where apparently the more powerful you are, the more godlike you are. Because money might not buy happiness, but it does salvation, right? I have nothing more to say about this “creative” take on the all-seeing eye and its meanings. Other than the fact that they’re clearly out of ideas. And their minds.

The other thing I’d like to point out is the repeated flashing of one eye in the light, and one eye in the dark. Many times, it appears as though these women are split right down the middle by the shadow, part good and part evil. This is the display of blatant dualism in these industry puppets. During Iggy’s part, she is shown nearly always with one eye hidden, once again alluding to the all-seeing-eye symbolism.

Screenshot (289)   Screenshot (294) Screenshot (300) Screenshot (301) Screenshot (285)

The final thing I’d like to point out is the sexually-charged imagery that runs rampant throughout the video. I understand that Ariana is beyond the age of consent, but I’m not concerned with that. I’m more just making a point of the bits of Beta slipping through- again, suggestive of monarch programming.

Screenshot (292) Screenshot (309)                      Screenshot (310)

This video might not be Katy-Perry-obnoxious with the overt symbolism, but it’s still symbolically significant. Both of these women are little more than pawns, they’re slaves to the industry. Even Iggy herself has said “too late, now I’m in this bitch”. Once you blow up, you can’t just become un-famous. These record company execs take advantage of young, fame-hungry individuals and make it impossible for them to change their minds. They also cultivate these stars from childhood just like Britney Spears and Cristina Aguilera and every kid that’s ever been on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. So in a way, some of these human beings were never given a chance- even from childhood or birth.

The only way to protect yourself from the malicious intent of the “Illuminati” (or men of power, or the occult elite, or whatever you want to call them- it’s all the same) is to educate yourself about their methods of mass programming and manipulation of the human psyche. Because, while what we know is intricate, the whole picture is far more advanced than we could ever know.

Good luck.

Eminem’s “Rap God”: The Return of Slim Shady

Eminem’s “Rap God”: The Return of Slim Shady

Background information…

  • Change of Direction

So recently, Marshall Mathers, more commonly known by his alias “Eminem”, has released another studio album called “The Marshall Mathers LP2″. For a while, particularly during his “Recovery” years, it appeared that Eminem was no longer messing around with the whole “Slim Shady” getup. With songs like “I’m not Afraid”, I began to believe that and have a ray of hope for the popular rap star. But in recent times, it is clear that Mathers is far from done with Slim Shady, addiction, submission to his higher-ups, and his dance with darkness.

He’s made it very clear where he stands now, and through his lyrics, his promotional images, and his musical themes, even Helen Keller could put it together.

  • Promotional Image

The most popularized and widely-distributed image for promotion of his new album features Eminem holding up devil horns. The horns extend out over his head, while his fist covers one of his eyes. If you’re a regular reader of Vigilant Citizen’s articles, and/or are well-versed in occult symbolism, you’ll already understand the significance of this image. If not, please take 2 seconds to research satanic hand-gestures, and the meaning of the ‘one-eye’ symbol, also known as the “Eye of Horus”.


(I wonder what team he’s playing for)

  • Interview with MTV

Before I break this video down for you, allow me to explain one thing. Eminem is not who he once was a long, long time ago. He, himself, stated in an interview with MTV that it only took him “6 minutes” to write the lyrics for the song “Rap God”, which is less time than the actual duration of the song itself. Then later on, he goes to say it took him “a minute and a half”. The most unnerving thing he mentions is that he cannot remember when or where he wrote the song. He only recalls ambiguous bits and pieces from his memory, which is a pretty strong suggestion that this is a result of monarch programming. Victims/ participants often lose their sense of time, as well as experience blackouts due to the fact that their psyche is fractured, resulting in what’s known as co-consciousness. Beyonce is a similar example, as she’s admitted that she never remembers her own performances- that her alter ego “Sasha Fierce” takes over, and that Sasha’s much different than herself.


(He seems really “out-of-it)

Video for “Rap God”…

  • Introduction

“Rap God” starts out with Eminem in a black and white suit and tie, plastered on a geometric background of colors spit up into black-and-colored stripes (a common MK trigger). He flashes back and forth in an array of positions, as well as switching between himself with sunglasses on and off. This is representational of his multiple personalities switching in and out. Also significant is the way in which he’s split up into multicolored versions of himself.



(Switching in and out)

You can also hear him in the background saying “six minutes” repeatedly.

The lyrics in the intro go:

Look, I was gonna go easy on you and not to hurt your feelings

But I’m only going to get this one chance

Something’s wrong, I can feel it (Six minutes, Slim Shady, you’re on)

Just a feeling I’ve got, like something’s about to happen, but I don’t know what

If that means, what I think it means, we’re in trouble – big trouble – and if he is as bananas as you say, I’m not taking any chances

You were just what the doctor ordered

The intro sets a strange tone, and with it rapped in a voice that is not his own, it points to one of his many splits taking over him and consequently, the mic. It almost sounds as though it could be one personality talking about Marshall to another, or two handlers having a conversation.

  • Programming in Progress

You were just what the doctor ordered” is eerily suggestive of his successfully programmed state.

Throughout the beginning of the video, he is showed as being under surveillance, due to the multiple CCTV cameras, and his appearance on TV screens, quite similar to Rihanna in the video for “What Now”. His image is displayed with an array of other images, including “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em” toy boxers, symbolizing an inner battle and opposing forces.



(No hiding)

At about 34 seconds in, he is shown in the camera room, strapped to a chair, with his body and head attached to wires. Similar to the imagery in Britney Spears’ video for her single “Hold It Against Me”. Also shown on a shelf in the room are WWII- related videos and games- one of which is aptly named “The Programme”. A CCTV camera pans by, capturing them, and imprinting them into Eminem’s mind via the cables he’s attached to.

Image(Literal mind-control)


(Being fed violent imagery)

  • Inside Out

At 1:36, his face is broken up and displayed on multiple TV screens at once, representing his fractured psyche.


(Split into parts of a whole)

And then at 2:03, Eminem is displayed as a type of 3-dimensional hologram figure, showing his dehumanized and robotic state, which he admits to through the lyrics in this song “They said I rap like a robot, so call me Rapbot”. I realized, after watching the video many times over, that this digitized version of him is the outward projection of himself, while the backgrounds of the multicolored bars and shapes are literally the inside of the projection’s head.


(Inside of head)


(Outside of head)

  • Marshall v. Marshall

At 2:13, he is shown rapping and moving about in a dark, black room, wearing solid black clothes. This represents his true self, who is both literally and figuratively “in the dark”. He’s made to look delusional because he’s rapping away from the camera, towards… well, nothing. It’s odd, and it’s no accident.


(Rapping to the air)

After viewing the video a few times, and taking into consideration the other imagery shown in this room, it appears to be another representation of the inside of his mind.

Shortly after, one of the screens shows the game “Pong” over a background consisting of Eminem’s programming room. This is another display of opposing forces, and the opponent is winning. Still, the real Marshall is showed trying to escape, and searching for some way out.


Also shown are clips pointing towards Eminem’s internal struggles and competition between egos.


Included (first, subliminally) is Marshall in a black, leather straight-jacket, looking thoroughly possessed and/or mentally ill. As well, he is only ever shown like this on a red background, inside his mind.


(Winner of the “Most Disturbing Picture of 2013″)

  • Neverending

At 2:58, Eminem is shown dropping out of a portal suspended in the same dark room. It’s what this scene is showing that is symbolic, rather than the portals themselves. Some might say they represent different, fractured mind-states created by his handlers, and from a still picture and no other information, that might be believable. But if you’re familiar with the video game “Portal”, and you understand how portals work, then it might be a little easier for you to understand what they symbolize here. In the game, you use the portals to traverse obstacles. In other words, the portals get you from one place to another. In Em’s mind, he’s shown looking through, falling from, and jumping through these portals in an attempt to get somewhere other than where he is now. And every time he tries, because the portals are all in the same vicinity, he just winds up right back where he started.


(No way out)

This shows the endless cycle MK Ultra instills in these people’s minds. Not unlike the video for “Fjogur Piano” by Sigur Ros, an air of inescapability and eternal torment is conveyed. That is why often times, it’s so difficult for victims to break free from the cycle. Not because it’s unbreakable, but because they’re lead to believe it to be. That’s why it may be easy for us to say “You’re stupid, you can break free whenever you want”, but that’s just it. It’s from our perspective that we may say things like that. Yet from theirs, we’re the ones who look “stupid”, because their understanding of the world around them and how it works is much, much different than how we see it. That’s how they’re programmed to be. Programming not only changes the person’s mind, but it removes from them their purity, their essence, and their liveliness. It breaks them, and in the process, destroys their willpower altogether.

  • Handlers

Throughout the whole video, there are clips of Eminem rapping and dancing around with his hood over his eyes. He’s surrounded by a group of people all dressed in black, literally pushing him around and keeping him somewhat ‘stable’, as he appears to be either drunk, drugged, or both.


He then raps “I’m the walking dead, but I’m just a talking head, a zombie floating”, which so accurately describes his state as an MK victim, or possibly ‘participant’, as he goes on to rap and brag about the benefits of his career- i.e. money, drugs, and sex. What else is new.

The further on the song goes, the more unstable he becomes. Literally being handled, he begins falling in and out of the arms of his ‘posse’.

  • Black & White


   (Good & Evil)

Throughout this whole song and video, there are bits and pieces all pointing to the extreme duality and spiritual themes behind its true meaning.

“That if you’re half as nice at songs you can sacrifice virgins too”

“Even though I walk in the church and burst in a ball of flames”

“So you be Thor and I’ll be Odin

You rodent, I’m omnipotent”

“And I’m a million leagues above you, ill when I speak in tongues”

“I’m drunk so Satan take the fucking wheel, I’m asleep in the front seat”


“But in my head there’s something I can feel tugging and struggling

Angels fight with devils”

are just a few lyrical examples, not including all of the religious imagery and words found in multiple subliminal frames.

Subliminal text examples given: “Inferno”, “God was Bold”, “Pagan”, “Satan spake”, “lake of fire”, and “Omnipotent”.

Subliminal visual examples including, but not limited to:


  • Ending Scene

Towards the end of the video, Em is shown immediately gripping the seat he’s in in the camera room- almost as though he’s being jolted with electricity. When his programming is complete, he detaches from the wires and proceeds to show a display of inhuman mental and psychic powers.


(Download: 100% Complete)

He begins to levitate, both above the sea of people pushing him around, as well as in the programming room.

Levitation is a common theme found in the process of exorcism and possession because it’s an intimidation factor used to show power over the laws of physics/ properties of this world. In the programming room, as he’s rising, books, videos, records, cassette tapes, and computer parts all begin to fly off the shelves and form a violent maelstrom around him. In my opinion, this represents his mastery over all which is now rendered obsolete due to his perfected, “God-like” state.


His internal mind is shown as successfully fracturing into dozens of pieces, the colored lines now in disarray.


(“Success” = A fractured ego)

After these scenes take place, he is shown walking on water, another blasphemous depiction of his new-found godhood.


As the video comes to an end (exactly at the 6-minute mark Shady was allowed), Eminem collapses into the sea of people- symbolizing Shady’s stepping-back down and return to his dormant state within Em’s mind.


(Lost consciousness… some people find it funny, apparently)

Physical collapse is another common theme found in possession, as the grandiose displays often leave the human body thoroughly and completely exhausted.

In Conclusion…

This video is one of the most disturbing videos I’ve seen in a while, especially when the time’s been taken to watch it frame-for-frame in order to catch all the subliminal imagery. If you look into his eyes, watch his gestures, and pay attention to the way he moves, you can clearly see something so distinctly inhuman about him and his behavior. Similar to the gestures of Elisa Lam when she was attacked, Eminem’s movements appear distorted and strange.


(Elisa Lam-esque)


Through his soulless gaze, you can tell he’s truly given himself over to the pressures of the beast known as the industry. He states how angels and devils are fighting over him, and how he wants nothing to do with the person angels want him to be. He’s clearly cut himself off from any shred of hope or light, and while it makes me sad, it doesn’t surprise me.

In the words of Iggy Azalea, “Once you go great, you never go good. You never go back, even if you could”.


(But is it truly worth-it…?)

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