Goodie! Now I have a bigger problem.

Goodie! Now I have a bigger problem.

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So the real video for “Problem” came out just now, and it’s truly just a slightly more complex version of the lyric video.

The concepts of duality and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) induced in the inner-most workings of the entertainment industry reign over all other symbolism in this video. The stripes are once again present, and there are maybe like two frames of any color other than black and white being used.

I think the thing that differs most from the lyric video and this music video is the amplification of sexuality. Ariana and Iggy both appear to be heavily behaving as one would in “Beta mode”. Beta programming is a type of monarch programming that removes all personal, internal values, morals, and ideas about sex altogether, and creates a whole new persona that can be triggered by any number of things. Most common are animal prints and cats such as Beyonce’s “Kitty Kat” and Katy Perry’s ad for her perfume- which is also cat-themed. This new persona becomes the go-to identity to trigger when producing music videos or performing, and often for sex itself; alas, I digress.


The cat mask is similar to the one Ariana Grande wore for a photoshoot, and holds the same meaning. In addition, Katy has her fingers positioned in a distinct way, creating two triangles with the eye as the focus.


Yes, a human dressed like a cat looking like she wants to have sex in a satin bed is the PERFECT way to sell perfume. Also, notice how the people surrounding her are holding up cats. Can you say “triggers”?



Anyway, back to the video. The man who does the chorus bears a golden ring with a cat’s head on it. Ariana whispers into his ear and puts her hand on his shoulder seductively at a couple points:


Screenshot (318)

That finger is not Ariana's. Which is just a bit odd to me, not sure why there's even a finger there. It's kind of awkward.

That finger is not Ariana’s. Which is just a bit odd to me, not sure why there’s even a finger there. It’s kind of awkward.


Screenshot (334)

The man in this image plays the role of the “handler” due to that ring, and Ariana obviously displays allegiance to him throughout.


Another thing that popped out at me was the way they continue to display multiples in different forms. For example, at a few points, Ariana and Iggy are surrounded by multicolour silhouettes of themselves, making it appear as though there are numerous copies of them. They also display Iggy in a trio a couple times, which also represents multiples within an individual.


Screenshot (331)

Multiples via silhouette.


Ex-monarch programming victim Kim Noble (who has 13 distinct personalities), creates paintings to express herself and the torture she was put through. This painting of a face just strongly reminded me of Ariana’s dress above. ^^^

Screenshot (313)

Yo dawg. We heard you like MK Ultra, so we use multiples of multiples.


Ariana is shown multiple times spinning around on a big, black and white-striped disk. This, I believe, is the setting and evidence for her dissociation. Spinning is a standard torture process in monarch programming in order to disorientate the victim. In combination with drugs and violently creative abuse, dissociation becomes easier and easier for them to escape the repeated pain, as it becomes a natural mental reflex. This spinning is usually symbolised as the person spinning in circles or being spun, carousels, or spinning objects or images (like the giant black and white hypno-ray backdrop). Due to the depth of field the converging lines create, it resembles a tunnel of sorts. She wears all white, and her shoes are off for some reason- possibly because she feels more comfortable and less pressure within the sanctuary of her mind. She sings that she has her “head in the clouds” and has “no weight on her shoulders”.

Screenshot (336)

Giant hypnotic spiral is there the whole time.

Giant, spinning hypnotic spiral is there the whole time.

There are a final couple of things I’m going to acknowledge in this article, and one of them is the fact that there’s also a black contortionist with a “black” and white checkerboard applied to the whole surface of his skin. Also, Ariana is even more hyper-sexualised in this official video than the lyric video. I can’t tell you how many flashes of things like her ass and her waist or her legs are shown, but…

Popular black contortionist painted with masonic/dualistic checkerboard.

Popular black contortionist painted with masonic/dualistic checkerboard. Because that has everything to do with relationship problems.

I guess that’s just standard for the music biz these days. Hmph, shame.


 I’ve got 99 problems, and “Problem” is one of them.


So one of the latest and greatest collabs  has happened, and it’s by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea- two big up-and-coming artists in the mainstream industry. Okay, so maybe it’s not the greatest, but it’s relevant. And that’s what’s important to cover. When occult symbolism and a hierarchy of power are the very foundation of the music industry- so if you wanna make it big, you have to comply with pushing their agenda. The issue I have with the song “Problem” is not the sound; it’s got nothing to do with the genre, and it’s got very little to do with the lyrics (which are about as deep as puddle, regardless). The problem I have with this song is the overwhelmingly-overused, simple and obvious symbolic theme throughout the entirety of the official Vevo/Interscope lyric video, and surrounding promotional imagery.


Black and white (symbolising duality), and sexualisation to promote the classic “good girl gone bad” image.

Iggy Azalea isn’t too shy of a girl herself. Her frequently raunchy lyrics, and overtly sexual musical themes are things of a parent’s worst nightmare. Although she can be quite explicit, seeing younger stars on channels like Disney and Nickelodeon teaming up with the industry’s leading sex kittens isn’t too uncommon anymore.



This photoset shows her powerlessness and allegiance to the industry and its inner workings. The leopard skin leggings, the checkerboard couch, and the all-seeing-eye are symbols of her status in the monarch world.

Ariana is going through the “good girl gone bad” stage, something all young female stars have to go through at some point to make it big. Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Beyoncé are just a few examples off the top of my head. After all, innocence doesn’t sell records. But there are two things it does do- earn the trust of parents in order to expose this “phase” to children, and normalise sexualisation of the very innocence they possess.

download (1)

Ariana in cat ears (beta programming trigger). She’s also in a shirt with a cat on it. Cat. Kitten. Sex kitten. Get it? Good.


Flashing the occult triple six hand-sign over one eye is super cool.

Masks are representative of multiple personalities in monarch programming. The fact that it’s a kitten should be enough in and of itself to show she has been/is under Beta programming. Once again, the black and white stripes represent the duality of her nature, and the poses go to show the sexualising of innocence and youth is also present.

To symbolise her going through this, she is constantly portrayed as or dressed in black and white and hyper-sexualised. In this context, the black and white represents the concept of duality, a mixing of good and evil through light and dark. Duality holds its place as a common theme throughout many religions and cults, and often, it is a celebration of both extremes of good and evil in human nature- especially in conjunction. Because of this, it is also a standard in monarch programming. Which leads me into this simple lyric/music video.

This video isn’t even technically a music video. It’s a “lyric” video, which really just means “people want a video for this song, but we don’t have time for this, so let’s just throw some words on a screen and flash subliminal imagery behind them”. Whether or not you’re conscious of the heavy symbolism used by the occult elite everywhere you look, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. It also doesn’t mean your subconscious doesn’t recognise it and make connections, because your subconscious records everything. No matter the size, speed, or exposure time, your subconscious can pick up on the most minute of details. This makes it a very powerful tool for the industry.

What most people would see when watching this video is simply sexy girls in shadows, winking, licking their lips, moving their hips, and singing. But what’s beneath this lazy facade runs deep in the world of symbolism.

Throughout, Ariana and Iggy are both filmed with rays of shadows on them in various ways. These stripes represent two things: “illumination” and once again, the concept of duality. The idea of esoteric enlightenment is something the occult elite hold very near and dear. A few good, solid times, the rays are focused around one of Ariana’s eyes- both rightside up and upside down.


Screenshot (305)
Screenshot (295)Screenshot (287)

Screenshot (284)

As you can see above, the illuminated rays protruding from the eye of providence on Aleister Crowley’s hat strike and uncanny resemblance. This shows the idea that the occult hold, where apparently the more powerful you are, the more godlike you are. Because money might not buy happiness, but it does salvation, right? I have nothing more to say about this “creative” take on the all-seeing eye and its meanings. Other than the fact that they’re clearly out of ideas. And their minds.

The other thing I’d like to point out is the repeated flashing of one eye in the light, and one eye in the dark. Many times, it appears as though these women are split right down the middle by the shadow, part good and part evil. This is the display of blatant dualism in these industry puppets. During Iggy’s part, she is shown nearly always with one eye hidden, once again alluding to the all-seeing-eye symbolism.

Screenshot (289)   Screenshot (294) Screenshot (300) Screenshot (301) Screenshot (285)

The final thing I’d like to point out is the sexually-charged imagery that runs rampant throughout the video. I understand that Ariana is beyond the age of consent, but I’m not concerned with that. I’m more just making a point of the bits of Beta slipping through- again, suggestive of monarch programming.

Screenshot (292) Screenshot (309)                      Screenshot (310)

This video might not be Katy-Perry-obnoxious with the overt symbolism, but it’s still symbolically significant. Both of these women are little more than pawns, they’re slaves to the industry. Even Iggy herself has said “too late, now I’m in this bitch”. Once you blow up, you can’t just become un-famous. These record company execs take advantage of young, fame-hungry individuals and make it impossible for them to change their minds. They also cultivate these stars from childhood just like Britney Spears and Cristina Aguilera and every kid that’s ever been on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. So in a way, some of these human beings were never given a chance- even from childhood or birth.

The only way to protect yourself from the malicious intent of the “Illuminati” (or men of power, or the occult elite, or whatever you want to call them- it’s all the same) is to educate yourself about their methods of mass programming and manipulation of the human psyche. Because, while what we know is intricate, the whole picture is far more advanced than we could ever know.

Good luck.