Everyone’s favorite talentless twat is at it again.


Does ANYONE in the Kardashian/Jenner family know how to take a picture with both eyes? I’m starting to sincerely doubt it. There’s something dark and wicked about their suspicious rise to fame.

I’m going to do a full article about their mysterious family here soon.


I saw a UFO.

Hello, everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been so absent lately, but there’s just something on my mind that I’ve got to get out. I don’t know why, because it happened a couple years ago, but I feel the need to get this out and down in some form or fashion. I think it’s very important that people take things like this seriously, because it’s YOUR reality. You can’t afford to let other people construct it for you, and I personally don’t even get that option, given that this event took place.

This took place a couple years ago in central Kentucky. I was at my little brother’s baseball game, sitting backwards on the bleachers to watch storm clouds roll in from the distance. I have more of an appreciation for meteorology than for sports, sue me. At one point, I looked up from my phone, and my attention was suddenly drawn to some movement by the forest area, adjacent to the field. As I looked closer, I realised it was some type of aircraft. It was in the shape of an equilateral triangle, solid black in colour, kinda geometric and blocky, with one white light on each point of the triangle (underneath) and some kind of opening in the middle. It flew disturbingly close to the ground. I can’t remember the size exactly, but I can ballpark (lawl) that it was larger than a helicopter, but smaller than the average domestic-flight plane. I have drawn pictures, shown below.

Watching it, I took note of its movement; it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen (er.. supposed to have seen) in my life. It didn’t seem to pay any attention to classic aerodynamics. It seemed to glide through space (anti-gravity style) rather than “fly”, and was eerily silent. As the experience came to an end, I saw this craft suddenly change flight path. It turned on a DIME (without banking) about 300°, and descended below the trees, out of sight. I can still vividly remember the sudden and completely overwhelming curiosity I had. I wanted nothing more at that point than to drop everything, and run after it. I didn’t want it to be over. I wanted to know everything about everything. For some reason, I didn’t go after it. I was still a bit dazed, trying to process how much of my entire outlook on life I was going to have to tweak. I was a much different person back then. Shy, and timid, like your average socially-awkward and confused 17-year-old.

I still kick myself for not doing everything within my power to find. That. Craft.

I actually wouldn’t have noticed it at all if I hadn’t been turned around, but thank god that I wasn’t the only person to see it. A little girl sitting next to me looked up from her DSi just in time to catch a glimpse of it. “Look, Grandpa! A UFO!!!” she pointed and shouted. Her grandfather paid no attention, so nobody else but her and I saw it. At that point, I knew for a fact that I wasn’t crazy after all. We both knew what we were looking at.

For some reason, I didn’t feel inclined to point it out to anyone around me (which included the rest of my family), as the little girl did. I simply sat there, taking in every single nanosecond of exposure to such a sight. I’ve been hopelessly interested in the entire subject of military technology and possible extra-terrestrial involvement with the government for quite some time now.
I felt an extreme need to tell anyone who sees and reads this: these things are indeed real. I can’t say for sure whether or not these craft are owned and operated by the US military and/or foreign life, but I can say without a shadow of doubt that they’re out there, being used by SOMEone for SOMEthing. For the life of me, I cannot understand why I saw this craft in the place that I did. What’s so interesting about a small town in Kentucky? The only thing I can think is that it had some correlation with the severe storm that approached afterward, as people commonly have sightings around disasters (natural and man-made).

Does anyone have any clue as to what this could be? Please, if you have seen any strange phenomena like this in your lifetime, share your experience below in the comments. We, as a collective, have to face the REAL reality that we unknowingly interact with every day of our lives, rather than stay locked up in the artificial reality that’s drilled into our minds from a young age by our “superiors”. The more we share about what we’ve seen, the more truth we can spread to others experiencing the same things.

Some people are too afraid to speak out. Whether it be fear of ridicule, or fear of facing that reality, it happens.
We can’t let that fear control us. We deserve to know the truth.

Sketches of the craft I saw:


From my vantage point, I never saw the top of the craft- but I included a “top” view to give the gist of its form.


It glided above the trees, and descended out of sight shortly after us spotting it.

Tinashe: The Industry’s Newest Slave!

The “2 On” singer is another female artist to hit the big scene lately, and she’s quite obviously also been programmed with MK Ultra-derived techniques. She also has an album coming out by the name of “Aquarius”. This, I believe, is related to the Age of Aquarius- the astrological age to come. Astrologers say believe that each age (2,150 years) affects the way mankind behaves, and possibly also affects the rise and fall of civilisations. It’s a rather ominous thought to think that a “new age” is coming (or has already arrived), seeing as mankind has made a pivotal turn as far as their priorities and capabilities. The government used to have to convince people to give up their freedoms and liberties, but people are so content that they don’t seem to mind one way or another anymore. But that’s a story for another time.

Anyway. Monarch slaves are commonly dressed in all sorts of triggers, including collars, red shoes (Wizard of Oz programming), chains, winged eye makeup (to reference the eye of Horus), reflective materials, animal prints, black and white (duality), etc. They also adhere to behaviours seen by other beta slaves, including sexual gestures, the covering of one eye, lack of much clothing, the list goes on.

And for those of you wondering, if you ever want to find out if one of your favourite stars (or just someone you suspect is a beta slave) is really a slave, all you have to do is search for their name + the word “photoshoot”. This is because their higher-budget shoots are usually organised for them, and they’re organised ahead of time. This makes it easier to manipulate them. If they arrive on-set, and there’s a table/room full of all kinds of options to wear, they’re under the impression they’re getting a choice– when in reality every one of these objects is going to be a trigger. So, if you search for their name plus that word, and you find dozens and dozens of photos with them in monarch programming-related gear? Welp, there’s your answer.

In fact, I’m hard-pressed to find any picture of Tinashe where she’s not in any of the items listed above.



All black, winged eye makeup, and the covering of one eye.

Black and white stripes. Rightside-up and upside-down pentagrams (blatant duality).

Sexual behaviour, animal print.

Same as above, and the hiding of one eye.

Reflective top, chained pants.

Black and white, winged eye makeup.

Chains and sexualisation, more black clothes.

Obvious sexualisation, and promotion of military gear (not necessarily Beta-programming related, but common among industry slaves).

Instagram photo, self-sexualisation, more black clothing.

Bracers, all black, chains, and hiding of one eye.

Red shoes (“Wizard of Oz” programming)


So as we can see, just by doing a simple search on the internet, you can easily find out who is a monarch slave and who (probably) isn’t, purely based on what they wear (or are told to wear), and how they behave. Tinashe clearly wears all the required garments to be considered a beta sex kitten. Try and find more stars, it’s like a game. Post names below of stars you suspect and if I agree, I’ll write an article on them too! The more the merrier.

Knowing the truth behind certain deaths is important.

Because actress and beta slave Nicole Kidman’s father just died in a tragic fall, so what does that mean?
Perfect trauma grounds for reprogramming.
I don’t know what her handlers have in store for her in the near future, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see/ hear a lot of more of her soon.
One way or another.

Sleeping pills taken by millions linked to Alzheimer’s

Sleeping pills are so terrible for the human body, ESPECIALLY the brain. They’re linked to a significant increase in the likelihood of premature death.
“…patients who took sleeping pills died 4.6 times as often during follow-ups averaging 2.5 years. Patients who took higher doses (averaging over 132 pills per year) died 5.3 times as often. Even those patients who took fewer than 18 pills per year had very significantly elevated mortality, 3.6 times that of patients who took no hypnotics.”
SOURCE: http://www.darksideofsleepingpills.com/